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problems contacting or getting support from YooRecipe

Posted on 21 May 2016
seems to work ok, but it is necessary for a user to be a registered Joomla member in order to use Recipe Box/Shopping List, no good
Ease of use
Good admin section adding recipes seems straightforward, although Ingredient 'groups' is a bit of a strange way to organise ingredients?
There is no way to contact anyone directly on this website and currently 21/05/16 the forum is broken - no way to ask for support
Offers a wide range of documentation, but crucially, there is a fault on the forum, so it is impossible to raise any questions not covered.
Value for money
It is expensive, even for 6 months support, which currently doesn't work anyway?
I used this to: A recipe website.

Excellent Suppot

Posted on 31 July 2013
I bought the J 25 version in error and these guys were prepared to email me the J 3.0 version without charging again. I found this very restorative, trusting and professional. A fantastic example for all online software companies who so often defer to distrust.

I will use this company again for sure.

A really good blogging extension

Posted on 21 February 2010
I installed this without a problem, the author is really keen to pick up new ideas and develop this software, and offers very fast responses to questions. He has a list of development ideas, and I get the idea that this software is going to become a very popular blogging tool for Joomla users. Really worth using.

excellent - here's how to change look and feel

Posted on 20 November 2009
It is possible to change the look and feel of the table; font size, position of table etc. The CSS file is in the plugins folder... you can experiment with font sizes, table borders, colours etc.


fantastic, exemplary component

Posted on 17 July 2009
This component should be a 'model' for all Joomla extensions: very clear GUI, superb onscreen help, installs in a breeze, built in JoomSEF (no need to buy plugins!), very easy to modify, very well designed user forum, and Alexandru responded to my message for coding help in under 10 minutes. Other Extension writers, use this one as a model. Fantastic.
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