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Simple, nice and useful

Posted on 26 January 2015

It works.

Ease of use

Quite simple, I only wish it were easier to set the map location, perhaps with a slide map.

I used this to: Showing my workplace in my web and providing a link to the school webpage.


Free | Maps & Locations | Martin Kröll
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Display OpenStreetMap on your site. Features of this module: - Easy to use - Set markers to the map - multiple marker support - marker popup - languages: EN, DE, FR, NL - custom marker support - based on Leaflet -> nice design - different maps on one site - no ads - different map styles - custom tile server support - auto update - moduleclass suffix - map scale New in 2.15 - Fix a PHP 7.2 warning - Move project home to GitLab ( - Update Leaflet to 1.3.1 New in 2.15 - Use HTTPS for all tile servers New in 2.14 - Update Leaflet to 1.2.0 - Add dutch translation (Thanks to Roelof Ymker) - Add possibility do disable user interactions like scrolling, ... New in 2.13 - Remove MapQuest tile server, since they blocked free access to their tile servers New in 2.12 - Fix root dir for assets New in 2.11 - Use https for supporting tile servers New in 2.10 - Include fr-FR language (Thanks to bcag2) - Installations of old third-party FR language pack will removed - Fix pin popups New in 2.9 - Fix "Strict Standards" error for PHP 5.6 - Update Leaflet to 0.7.7 New in 2.8 - Fix missing image in module description - Add add humanitarian (hot) map style (Thanks to Thomas Cujé) - Internal changes (Thanks to Thomas Cujé) New in 2.7 - Option to display scale - Internal changes New in 2.6 - Update Leaflet to 0.7.3 - Update tile map providers New in 2.5 - Option to disable WorldWarp New in 2.4: - Fix: some "PHP strict" warnings - Fix: Marker wasn't shown at all "copies" of the world New in v2.3: - Joomla 3.0 support - Missing Icon in module settings fixed - Leaflet updated to v0.5.1 Italian translation by Stefano:
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