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What Can I say... Talk about service

Posted on 16 April 2014
I have purchased 3 different modules from this company. Thier Service is amazing.

They solved issues I had, pretty much instantly and the amount of controls and customisation you can do with their modules is awesome.

Highly recommended. You won't be disapointed!


Posted on 19 March 2014
This resolved a lot of issues I was having and now I can ditch the complex SEF extension that I was using and just use this.

It's a fantastic extension!

Fantastic Product and Fantastic Support

Posted on 15 October 2013
The new version of the search works flawlessly across all versions of joomla 1.5-3.0

The support is great. I had 3-4 questions taht were instantly answered.

I can't recommend this product enough!


Posted on 17 December 2012
You might need to fiddle with the CSS a bit to get things to line up vertically or horizontally.

But I have it working for several sections of our site.

I was looking for somehting like this ages ago to display company accreditations and accepted payments. this hits the spot perfectally.
Universal AJAX Live Search
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Universal AJAX Live Search

By Offlajn
Site Search
This search extension will dramatically change your conception about search modules. Professional design, real-time working and much more performance than you have ever seen on any website. Searching for an article or product was never so easy with this search module. Impress your visitors with the clean design and increase your site usability! The Live Search has 4 fully customizable themes withi...
Direct Alias

Direct Alias

By AlterBrains
Allows you to control menu item alias and have short SEF URLs without including aliases of parent menu items. Joomla native routing is not quite robust and you can't control how the SEF URL of menu item is built. You can only define menu item alias - a component of URL. By default aliases of Joomla menu items are relative: aliases of all parent menu items are auto-prepended to SEF URL. So child...
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