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works great

Posted on 01 September 2014
Pretty straight forward and easy and quick, if of course you have a bit of know-how on HTML/CSS & Joomla!

excellent smithers

Posted on 26 February 2014
very good extension. top notch support. can pretty much do anything you need. it's smooth and pleasant to work with as well. i highly recommend it.

messed up

Posted on 25 January 2014
didn't work when i installed and configured, then when i uninstalled i got a blank white site in the frontend and backend. i truly hate when developers do not program uninstall process perfectly and sites break.

Awesome component and support

Posted on 26 April 2013
myself and the company i work for have sef advance on many joomla sites, and it works a charm. this is the better way to produce sef urls, because it doesn't save every url in database. the url's are produced on the fly. it's more lightweight and doesn't bog the joomla site down. every time we have an issue (which isn't very much), emir is right on top of it giving answers and solutions. i highly recommend sef advance.

good ext

Posted on 24 April 2012
very nice, but how can we interpret the email messages with the hack attempts, so we can try and fix something if needed? is there a place to post those email messages with the sql injection attempts to get help on them?
Owner's reply: Hi learwbc4,
the report is designed for a sysadmin because only an experienced one can understand what to do.
Anyway every one can get a quick help by posting a comments on the page of the plugin: as soon as possible I will reply. (don't post the full hack, I use this plugin too!!)

thak you for using this extension,

good extension

Posted on 05 November 2011
i like it very much, i just can't figure out how to display content only on homepage/frontpage. i don't know how to do it with just code in the template or by module manager when i set it to display only on home page. can someone give better instructions please?
Owner's reply: try look the articles "Add FullAjax to Joomla! (2011.03.08)" and "How to update more than one module with Ajax" on a plugin home page ;)


Posted on 29 April 2010
i like it a lot, except for this tiny thing i see happening. when i add a labels.txt file, and then go to the web page and refresh...there is one less image on the screen. for example, if i load 4 images in the directory and the labels file has 4 lines in it, the web page will only display images 2 through 4 with correct captions on images 2 through 4.....the plugin will skip image one and not display it. if i remove the labels file, the plugin will display all 4 images, but now i have no captions anymore.
Owner's reply: I suspect you are using international captions but have saved the labels file as UTF-8 with BOM rather than without BOM. If you save the file as UTF-8 with BOM, the byte order mark at the beginning of the file gets appended to the filename of the very first image. As such file whose name is the BOM combined with the original filename truly does not exist in the filesystem, sigplus will ignore it. A solution is either to use the proper encoding or leave the first line blank. Please note, however, that the JED review system is not intended or suitable for support requests. There is a delay between the time you submit the review and we are able to read it, and there is no way we can contact you to supply details should it be necessary.

good, but what's going on with developer's site?

Posted on 09 February 2010
nice component, but it seems the version has updated within one week of me purchasing it and now i can't get to the website to download latest version.
Owner's reply: Hi

Yes, we try have updates very often. And you can get them for one year after subscribing, so something is not normal here. Please make contact with us so that can be fixed!

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