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Limited functionality

Posted on 18 December 2014
If you're looking for an easy way to send out a day or week's worth of blog posts, this isn't the answer. Upon installing the module and creating a tinyletter account, I had to confirm my email four times before it took. After finally getting everything set up, I activated the module and tested it. Got an error page. Tinyletter only allows you to copy and paste from your existing blog, so you may be more suited with the mailchimp extenstion for sending out newsletters by picking your articles from Joomla's backend.
Ease of use
Easy to install. Difficult to validate emails. Error page on signup. Nifty backend at Tinyletter, but only a module interface for Joomla. Integration with your Joomla content is strictly copy and paste. Unable to select articles or categories when composing newsletter either from Tinyletter or from Module.
Good documentation and a step-by-step guide.
Value for money
I used this to: Unable to use as its functionality is severely limited and can't get it to validate email addresses for people who sign up after repeated attempts and different browsers.

Ultimate Spam Killer

Posted on 08 September 2014
I use JComments 3.0 with this plugin and spam is virtually gone. Since I don't have time to moderate each and every post, I rely on the kcaptcha for guests. I'm here to say that there are real people sending spam to your blog and bypassing the kcaptcha. Before Clean Talk, I got 25 spams a day. Now maybe one squeaks through every 3 months. I get a monthly report on how many were caught, and the developers are open to new suggestions. The tiny amount you pay per year is worth the headache of having to manually catch every spam that people are sending. Forget spambots, now we have to deal with human beings whose full time job is to send spam to as many blogs/websites as they can. Clean Talk gets them all. Extraordinary piece of software!

Simply the best!

Posted on 05 September 2014
Quite possibly the best contact form for Joomla 1.x-3.x on the market. Whilst the subscription pricing for it seems to be the norm these days, the support you get from Douglas, the owner and lead coder, is extraordinary and well worth the price. Why is it so good? It simply works. It integrates nicely with all the major newsletter sign-up forms, and if you ask for something in particular, Douglas will make it happen. He truly does work to resolve any issues that may arise from the product, or features the product may be lacking. The securimage captcha plugin puts other captcha programs to shame, and it's free with CE. As others have noted, the Component/modules/plugins are worth their weight in gold if you want a reliable way for people to contact you.

Works but...

Posted on 30 August 2013
Well, after giving SocComments a try and not being happy with its integration with JComments, I decided to download and try Comments. My goal is to find a plugin that will keep JComments in one tab and Discus/Facebook in another. So here's my quick review:


• Shows Facebook commenting


• Does not show Disqus commenting system instead of JComments. It shows both regardless of what you select.

• Does not utilize tabs as stated in its description.

• Is identical to SocComments plugin parameters (see screenshots of both products) minus one commenting system.

• Shows Facebook commenting system ABOVE JComments even though I specified the ordering to be JComments first, Facebook second.

• Discus shows a large block of advertising called Around the Web and there is no way to turn it off.

The name needs to be changed because it is much to vague and someone is bound to accidentally uninstall the wrong plugin.

Awesome and Free

Posted on 06 June 2013
I'm not sure why it says it's version 2.0 but it's actually 2.0.1 on the download site. We needed something for a club to collect membership dues and this was perfect. Since we collect dues once a year, we were able to set it up to automatically bill members 1x year. The payment module is easy to use, and I had zero issues setting this up. You can even redirect it to your own thank you page or the one built in (that you can also customize). Great component! Keep up the great work.


Posted on 29 March 2013
I was looking for a replacement for Sourcerer as the plugin kept showing up in Joomla's error log and it was quite expensive for the Pro version. After downloading this, enabling the plugin, I was able to add the PHP date field to Footer (as in Copyright 2013). It also lets you encode forms so you can have a newsletter signup form for say constant contact. Haven't tested it on JS (for google adsense) but I don't think it will be an issue.

Just be sure to insert your code by clicking the HTML editor button (in TinyMCE and JCE) and placing it there. Click save and Voila! Great plugin, great support, and it's free!

Come a long way

Posted on 18 June 2012
Since I started using this when it first came out, all I can say is that at v2.3 this comment system rocks. Not only is it free, but for an admin, it makes life absolutely a breeze. The report to admin feature is a lifesaver, and the blacklist IP is sorely needed with all the spammers out there. They listened to their customers and gave us exactly what we wanted (and didn't!). Keep up the great work and look forward to the next release.
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