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Simple File Manager

Life Saver on a deadline

Posted on 06 May 2015

Category and file descriptions auto-fill without much extra work.

Ease of use

Once you learn the work-flow it is quite simple


I love the "download free but pay to scrub backlink" model. I can stress test and then pay!!!

I used this to: I am using this for two sites coming to production. Both for files reserved for registered users that I don't want the general public to see. Works great on my mysql install; I still need to tweak for postgre.
Simple File Manager

Simple File Manager

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Simple File Manager is a Joomla! component that gives the possibility to create private user areas and to organize documents in a safe download center. It's very easy to use and configure. You can assign a document to a single group or to an unique Joomla user making him the only one who can see/download it. Easy ACL system You can decide who can see any file in the secure download area and the actions can be made on it. Simple File Manager takes advantage of the Joomla! ACL system so that you don't have to learn using nothing but joomla. Easy to configure Simple File Manager follows the standard Joomla look-and-feel. It's intuitive and well designed so that it's very easy to use and to configure. Automatic notification system Simple File Manager can generate automatic email reports in order to alert users when a new document becomes avaible to download. Security first In Simple File Manager every file is protected by external access via an .htaccess file and is stored in a random-generated path in order to increase storage security. Localized This component supports multilanguage websites and comes already traslated in English and Italian, but you can get other translations via the localized Joomla! communities.
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