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Brilliant extension!

Posted on 25 June 2015
Does perfectly what it is designed for doing: loading full articles with AJAX anywhere I want them to load.
Ease of use
Very easy to use, works out of the box once you enable the plugin.
Website gives enough information. It's simple enough for using it.
Website gives a good example how to make custom buttons for Ajax loading.
Value for money
Very cheap considering I'm using it on all my sites.
I used this to: I have a few clients with blogs, the love this new functionality.
GiMeSpace Readmore Ajax Loader
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GiMeSpace Readmore Ajax Loader

By GiMeSpace
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This plugin enables you to load articles right in place where your Read More buttons and links are. So if you are in a Category Blog view, your users can quickly see the whole article without reloading a whole new page. It's possible to enable the option to also load articles in the Category List view. You can also make your own Ajax loading Readmore buttons. You can put for example a button in a...
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