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Utterly Broken

Posted on 03 June 2019
Dropdown menus do not function. Fix suggested by devs is to disable jQuery (a necessary functionality for today's websites)
Ease of use
It took around an hour to complete initial setup up to state/province selection dropdown which did not populate with states.
This is supposedly a community project which no longer is in development. Support is a dead forum. Devs are rude when replying.
Documentation that exists is for a much older version which s no longer supported and does not function
Value for money
I used this to: Since the extension does not work, I apparently use it to waste my time and system resources.
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Kaos Social Icons

Kaos Social Icons

By Kaosium Design Group
Social Media
Kaos Social Icons by Kaosium Design Group lets you elegantly but simple display your social network links in any module position and with multiple transition options. Supports all popular social media networks, including: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Twitter, RSS, Reddit, and many (many) others. Thanks to Corey Ray at ITE Solutions for the initial concept design. Choose one or multip...