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Far too tedious and very slow support

Posted on 25 January 2016
It offers excellent functions, however, quite a bit of legwork is needed to execute some of them; far more than I had banked on.
Ease of use
Their other software is good, so I assume this will be one day. But it is not easy to use yet, unless just used as is out of the box.
Waited days for replies. My 1st issue (menu) took 3. 1 month & 4 slow tickets later I asked for a credit or trade in my final ticket.
Good for installing etc. there is quite a bit to setting up the software though.
Value for money
None. I wound up purchasing elsewhere. This package sits in a folder on a thumb drive.
I used this to: Nothing yet. I'm sure one day there will be a use, and will check back for improvement. Dev can take offense (many review similarly) make excuses, rebut, or maybe just take notes.
Owner's reply: Please, be sincere - you submitted a ticket during the weekend and naturally since we don't work weekends you had to wait until Monday for a reply. Other than that, looking at your ticket history, I can see longer turnaround time from your side - even no longer replying to a ticket because, and I'm quoting here:

"I am on the road and often have days between internet access availability. The ticket below is not yet resolved.. but has been closed. Please review and continue forward now. "

I understand why this might feel that it took months to resolve, but we tried our best given the circumstances (tickets are closed after a period of inactivity - that's usually once every one or two weeks). And then you insisted with each reply on getting a refund because you did not understand how to use RSDirectory! - that's fine, RSDirectory! is very flexible and given its wide range of options it might get a little scary getting used to it.

That's why we're here - to help. It's a shame you didn't accept our help - the real issue was that you were in a hurry delivering the website - and instead of learning something new, you opted to use another extension that you already were familiar with. I hope you'll give RSDirectory! another try, in the future, and we'll be here for you :)
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