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JV-Postmaster - a wonderful extension with even better support

Posted on 20 July 2015
We use this to auto re-post Joomla articles in our homepage JomSocial activity stream..
Ease of use
Extremely easy to use. It works flawlessly and does what other more expensive extensions cannot do.
I would rate this 1,000 if I could - JV support helped me solve a server cron problem and a problem with another provider's extension.
Well dcocumented and easy to follow
Value for money
Well worth more than I paid.
I used this to: Our non-profit generates several posts throughout social media sites each week. Another extension fetches them and re-posts them as Joomla articles on our site. JV-Postmaster then flawlessly automatically enters the articles into the homepage JomSocail activity stream.

This is the BEST broadcast email software with the BEST support

Posted on 08 July 2011
I am a web developer who works with non-profit organizations in the USA. Joomla is a great solution because I can keep the cost of building a website down for worthy organizations that don't have a lot of extra $$. But for every non-profit, staying in constant communication with their constituency as of absolute importance. After trying several solutions I have found none that approaches the quality and functionality of JNews (and it's predecessor Acajoom) This is very robust software -- the features you receive for the price of the this application make it very well worth the investment. Once oriented (a couple of training sessions) my non-profit clients quickly become oriented using the software. And, for me, as a web site builder and maintenance provider the best feature is the ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL TECHNICAL SUPPORT -- ESPECIALY THE LIVE ONLINE SUPPORT. I have used it often and have never brought a problem they couldn't solve. I recommend this software without any equivocation whatsoever.

*For the record, I am merely a happy customer and have no other interest in ijoobi, financial or otherwise.

Great Product - Great Support

Posted on 03 September 2010
This lightbox utility is really very nice. It is easy to use adds "polish" to a website. I'm a website developer, and needed a way create sites I've developed in a thumbnail gallery where clicking-on/displaying a site wouldn't take the view out of my web page. This extension is a great solution because the website displays in a lightbox and the view never leaves the site.

These folks do great work AND have great support. When I found that some of my website where "breaking" out of the light box, I posted the problem in their support forum. ARI responded with good information in just a few hours that helped me solve the problem quickly.

You won't be disappointed with this extension.
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