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Works good but

Posted on 05 February 2016
It does all it's supposed to do but sync with Flickr is a no go.
In order to sync it with Flickr you need to turn off Joomla cache.
Ease of use
Very easy to setup and use.
Support gets back to you quickly.
You really don't need to read documentation as it is quite easy to setup.
Value for money
The price is fair for what it does.
I used this to: A client
Owner's reply: First of all thanks you Vincent Gabriele for writing your review. We highly appreciate it that you took the time and effort.

I’d like to take the opportunity to elaborate on the Joomla cache and the Flickr Suite. In particular the Flickr Suite Content plugin, as that is the only Flickr Suite extension that is affected by the Joomla Cache.

Like any other Joomla content plugin, the Flickr Suite content plugin is affected by the Joomla cache. As long as the Joomla cache is switched on and there is a valid Joomla cache record for the article or module in which the plugin is used, the plugin will not be called by Joomla and hence the plugin cannot update the photos.

However, by default Joomla cache records are only valid for 15 minutes. That means that after those 15 minutes the Joomla cache will be refreshed and Joomla will call the plugin. The plugin will subsequently refresh the photos in the article.

Whether the plugin will load new results from Flickr depends on the cache setting of the plugin. To speed up loading times, the plugin has its own cache and can also fetch results from the more extensive Flickr Suite Component cache.

By default the plugin will first check the cache of the Flickr Suite Component (when the component is installed), then check its own cache for valid result and then fetch new results from Flickr. This can be changed to checking only the plugin cache or fetching results directly from Flickr. The times span for which the results in the Flickr Suite plugin cache are valid can also be changed.

We hope this explains the behaviour of the Flickr Suite extensions in combination with the Joomla cache a bit. In case you have questions about the Flickr Suite extensions and/or the cache behaviour, please contact us. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions!
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