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Rapid Contact

simple fast and easy

Posted on 02 May 2016

i was sceptical and first as I have used a lot many of these forms but this one was fast and simple including its spam check

Ease of use

installation was a breeze and so was getting it to work. Simple edits and it started to work out of the box.

jQuery Easy

Works well and its free

Posted on 20 March 2016

it removes most of the issues of jquery conflicts that are created by joomla 3.x due to forced insertion of jquery and mootools.

Ease of use

Its easy to use and has lots of advanced features as well for people with experience which helps out a lot for adding or removing custom tag


there is decent documentation for one to understand how to go through everything

I used this to: removing jquery conflicts between multiple plugins , components and modules running on joomla.
Owner's reply: Thanks for the review, it is much appreciated!
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