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Smart Slider 3: The more I use it, the more I appreciate it!

Posted on 22 September 2014
Calling Smart Slider an image slider does it misjustice. Think of it as a leading edge replacement for Flash and you're more on the mark!
Ease of use
It's easy to use...but because there are so many things SS3 can do, exploring them all is an adventure.
Support is EXCELLENT!!!! Never have seen better.
It's there, but to tell you the truth, I cannot say if it is all that good or not. Why? Haven't really needed it--a good thing!
Value for money
Well worth the cost!
I used this to: All my websites

Could not open nor unload

Posted on 15 March 2014
My Experience. Downloaded plugin from site. Did not notice any change in loading time. Decided to uninstall. Could not open the plugin. Tried to get support help from website. Did not provide support for non-purchasing people. (This add-on is free), so was not able to request help at their website. I am now stuck with a plugin that doesn't work and that cannot be uninstalled from Joomla 3.

Perhaps your experience will be different.....I hope so.
Owner's reply: Hello,
I'm sorry to read you experienced issues.
The gain in loading time depends on many parameters and javascript files is one of them only.
This plugin requires some extensive understanding on the page rendering process to get significant improvements.

However if it does not fit your needs. You can safely uninstall it from the Joomla component manager.

Feel free to contact me directly by email at info - at -

Support is outstanding!

Posted on 24 January 2014
I have used J!WHMCS for only about 6 months but Steven's support and patience has been one of the best I have experienced. The software works great and when you have a question or a problem, Steven is there to provide the support. I highly recommend this piece of software if you should need it.

Found this plug to be essential

Posted on 02 October 2013
Does what it says it does. I've been using it for all of my client sites saving me a lot of time by not having to sign in during demos, teaching, or updates.

I highly recommend it

Great in some browser BUT.......

Posted on 20 September 2013
It works really well in Chrome and Firefox but has issues in IE. There are three basic display systems provided: Adaptor, Nivo, and Sequence. Some of these work in some browsers and some do not.

I especially like the Adaptor Slider but unfortunately it doesn't properly work in IE. After inquiring to the programmer I received the reply: Unfortunately this is likely because of limited modern CSS3 support by IE10 :( We'll find solution for this but in the meanwhile, can you use other animation type for the slide?

So if you are intending to purchase this items (it is priced very reasonably), be aware that it will not work as advertised on all browsers at the present time.

If it was, I would rate it at 5 stars. As it is I can only give


It would be a nice touch if they notify all those who have or will purchase this add-on when the fully operating add-on is completed and provide it to them.
Owner's reply: Hi Jim, A better IE handling/fallback is introduced in the version 3.0. Please have a try on it

Great Module--Great Support

Posted on 09 March 2013
I have been using this module for about 2 months now. Installed the latest update in a new website and had problems with it. Contacted the developer Hartless at about 10PM local time and had a reply and solution when I woke up. The module works exactly as advertised and the support is great! Thanks!

Does what it says and support is GREAT!!

Posted on 31 March 2012
The commercial extension does exactly what is advertised!

The response to my inquiry was immediate, address the problem directly, was followed up until the problem was corrected all within minutes.

The software is easy to install.

Ironically, I am unable to use the extension for the purpose that I purchased it for!

I need to be able to create tags for individual items. Unfortunately, the add-on only provides tags to the category of an item and not the item itself.

If it did, I would give it a 10-star!!!

Even so, I am sure that a lot of people will find it a great add-on to their site.
Owner's reply: Thank you very much. 5 stars is enough :)
But we really want to meet your expectations in tortags tandem with your component items. If it had not prevented the problem with the generation of sef-pages of your component. We necessarily find a solution. Thank you for a great review.

Nothing Fancy but works like a charm

Posted on 09 January 2012
Simple, easy-to-install and used without any unpleasant surprises...

and SURPRISE works like advertised.

Thanks for the plugin!!!

Updates and Great Support

Posted on 06 October 2010
The software works as advertised, is well-supported and is being upgraded. What more can I say! Highly recommended

Great Plugin! Easy-Simple-Works!!

Posted on 19 March 2007
I don't think that this review will be much help to anyone....I had no problems installing or using. It does what I want with excellent results!

Great product! Great work!!

Thanks and thanks again,

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