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Easy operation, easy setup, immediate results

Posted on 26 July 2016
does exactly what it is supposed to do
Ease of use
biggest strength ot the module
module is intuitive by itself, but there is also brief documentation explaining all the features
Value for money
I used this to: small apartment hotel

Excellent choice for a small hotel, basic documentation but great personal support!

Posted on 20 July 2016
Considering the price I would give 100%, but current edition lacks some basic features (last minute offers e.g.). Wait for upgrade.
Ease of use
Very easy, intuitive navigation, good tooltips, simple design
EXCELLENT. This is my reason for buying E4J products. Marco from product support is always willing to help and answer within minutes.
Quick setup guide is good and helps in the first hours. Complete documentation explaining all options, variables and connections is missing
Value for money
The best product per buck one can get. Full reservation system for the lowest market price, no subscription and lifetime updates.
I used this to: Small boutique hotel with few luxury apartments.

Features rich but too complicated and at the end not worth the time.

Posted on 16 July 2016
It does the job. Many customizing options available, but the main issue is that it displays ONLY THUMBNAILs and is not responsive
Ease of use
Extremely complicated+flooded with options. One has to click here, there, then elsewhere to do the job. You are managing phoca NOT your web.
There is some, but mostly outdated, not comprehensive and inconsistent. Phoca is flooded with options and is NOT intuitive nor user friendly
Value for money
I used this to: presentation of a small villa for rental. After days of trying I deleted the Phoca. My reasons:
- only thubnails, no full size images availability
- not reponsive
- extremely complicated use
- not intuitive, user NON-friendly
- no documentation, but I heard that Jan supports
Owner's reply: Hi,

not sure if this is a fake review and not sure why this review was not deleted by moderators when it includes lies and untruths.

In country where I live, writing lies and untruths and denigrate is a crime.

These are lies or untruths:

"... but the main issue is that it displays ONLY THUMBNAILs" - no, there are methods to display full images
"... is not responsive" - yes it is, see: (Phoca Gallery responsive video on YouTube)
"... One has to click here, there, then elsewhere to do the job" - no, Phoca Gallery is a standard Joomla! component and settings is done in Options - on one place
"... only thubnails, no full size images availability" - as written above - yes, there are methods to display full images
"... not comprehensive and inconsistent." (Documentation) - Phoca Gallery is extension which do have one of the most comprehensive documentation. What is "inconsistent"?
"... not reponsive" - as written above - yes it is, see: (Phoca Gallery responsive video on YouTube)
"... no documentation" - Phoca Gallery is one of the extension, which is well documented.

So is this review a fake? If not, was it written as naughty and mean review? What is the reason to write review full of lies and untruths?

Phoca Gallery is able to display original images but mostly thumbnails are preferred. Main feature of galleries is to create thumbnails to save traffic and memory of the server. Creating and displaying thumbnails is the basic function of galleries so if somebody does not understand the function of thumbnails in galleries, it cannot apologize him/her for writing review based on ignorance and it cannot apologize unknowing user for writing lies and untruths.

2) RESPONSIVE - as you can see on YouTube video: - there are four methods to display the output of images in Phoca Gallery in responsive/not responsive way (no responsive, partially responsive, full responsive, using of alternative output) - you always should select the one which is best for your site

3) OPTIONS - Joomla! Administration - Extensions - Phoca Gallery - Options - there is standard Joomla! Option page

4) DOCUMENTATION - Except standard Phoca Gallery documentation, there are hundreds of external documentation articles, many YouTube videos describing Phoca Gallery, etc. See some links of basic Phoca Gallery documentation:

Saying there is no documentation for Phoca Gallery is the same like saying there is no water on Earth.

I really don't know what exactly was the reason for writing such naughty review of full lies and untruths, the same like I don't know what is the reason to not remove if from JED but I hope, you will never use any free extension from Phoca because you can not appreciate the value of software you can get for free (include all free translations, all free documentation, all free advices). Phoca Gallery is developed over 9 years so if you download it and use it like any other extension, you can save 9 years of your life which you don't need to spent for developing something you need. It is not about Phoca Gallery, but about all other extensions and Joomla! itself. Unfortunately this review says, you don't understand it and you cannot appreciate any help, you get from others. This is very sad. I don't know, maybe you have some client and you was frustrated by your inability to fulfill what you promised to your client but please, in every case, don't lie, don't write untruths.

To JED moderators - supporting naughty review, where the lie occurs seven times, getting feedback and ignoring it, this is exactly the opposite of what Joomla! spreads.

Thank you, Jan
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