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You get what you paid for i guess

Posted on 03 August 2016
It works if you not look att all the problem they wont like to fix. Like invoice on there plugins like Pay By Check. Confirm order. 404ERROR
Ease of use
Ok what can i say. If you know joomla you can handle Quick 2 cart
Bad they just close the ticket with no answer when there is a problem. If i not give them the FTP they will close the ticket for me.
Bad. many of the FAQ gave my 404 ERROR and i had to open ticket to tell them that FAQ support give me 404 ERROR before they understand that.
Value for money
You get what you pay for i guess.
I used this to: for my website i guess but with no fix on the 404 ERROR on the Pay By Check button Confirm Order i think i need to ask for repayment.
Owner's reply: Hi Tom,
It seems that the 404 ERROR about which you're talking is not related to the extensions. We have already discussed this in the support ticket and this issue is not being replicated neither on our local environment nor on our official demo.

The reason we asked for FTP details because we would have to carefully examine from what is causing the 404 ERROR if it is not the extension and fix it right there. If you're not comfortable giving FTP details we also asked for a same demo instance of your site where we will be able to look the root cause of the error.

Please create a demo instance of your site and give us the details so that we can see what exactly is causing the ERROR then we can tell you to fix it on your live site (if you don't want us to fix it on your live site if it is needs FTP). Let's get this sorted out.

Team Techjoomla
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