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Perfect for client previews!

Posted on 17 October 2014
Elegant solution to allow us to give clients a "secret" way to access their sites to preview them during development, without having to mess around with usernames and passwords.

Just enable the plugin, and it works. Nice.

One of the best!

Posted on 02 October 2014
I've been using Joomla for client sites since 2007 (a long time). And over the years, I've used all sorts of gallery extensions.

While gallery layout is always a matter of personal preference, I must say - WOW! -- Ignite Gallery is awesome.

It uses the standard Joomla interface (no fancy ajax stuff that looks cool, but in fact makes large repository management difficult). Category management is great, and with tagging, we can slice and dice our images any way we want.

Great on-screen slideshow, nice lightbox implementation, simple menu link to create category (gallery) lists, a load of ways to customize right via the component interface, editor plugins to insert galleries into articles...

I may well have found the one-size-fits all gallery extension!

I say, give it a go -- they even offer a money-back guarantee - there's nothing to lose :-)

This should be core!

Posted on 06 August 2014
Great work on an extension that truly should be part of core Joomla! Simple solution to a key missing element in Joomla!

Life saver!

Posted on 11 November 2013
In Canada, we build and maintain many bilingual sites, including web sites that use Syballic languages from the Canadian North.

This plugin makes editting our custom language files for these non-core languages super-easy!

Best Joomla 2.5 Multilingual Solution Out there!

Posted on 10 June 2013
I've tried them all. The components that have been around a long time for other versions of Joomla (1.0 onwards), and those that emerged after Joomla 2.5 appeared.

We're in Canada, and many organizational sites must be bilingual. And every article must have a alternative language option. And most organizations expect that choosing alternate language will display the same article, just in the other language.

Menus in each language must have the same structure too.

And with the introduction of Joomla 2.5, this became a night-mare to manage, since there was no way to confirm that alternate language menu and category/article structures were the identical, especially when you get into a sites with many menu items, and hundreds or thousands of articles.

I was on the verge of wondering whether there was a future for multingual management in Joomla 2.5+

Then, I discovered KM FasTrans. Whoa! Hold the horses, we have a winner here! It still uses Joomla 2.5's multilingual model, but all of a sudden I have control over the chaos!

I can match English and French categories, menu items, and even articles 1:1 (or default to many). And Joomla will flip between articles even if they aren't associated with a menu item (a big fail in core Joomla 2.5).

KM FasTrans uses some pretty nice tricks to help users narrow down possible items that a default item might link, making life nice and easy.

I tried out with the Free version, and the tech support was amazing with helping work out a bug that I was experiencing, providing a patch within 3 days! There's other extensions where I've waited months, and never even had an acknowledgement back.

Right after the patch was installed, I upgraded to PRO version, and now I'm deploying on several sites right away.

As far as I see it, KM FasTrans has brought multilingual support back to Joomla 2.5!

Go for the PRO version, it the one-click creating of the non-default language items, you'll wonder how you ever survived without this component!



Brilliant addition to Joomla Site management

Posted on 15 November 2012
Finally, a way for endusers to visualize their placement of modules in their site templates!

Easy to use: log in to front-end, then a single button click and see all positions on your site. Next, drag and drop modules right into their desired position, provide module parameters, and lastly a single click to see the the module published into the position in the template.

Definitely going to be a must-have add on for new Joomla projects!

This saves non-technical site managers from having to guess whether they are publishing modules into the right positions.


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