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Good work

Posted on 27 September 2014
I have run my sites on Joomla ever since the early days of 1.0, just out from Mambo.

I have purchased an countless comps over the years, and blogging has always been sentral.

I was kind of enjoying the Azrul (MyBlog) world for some years, until they vanished (prior ot that Mamblog on J1.0 was good too).

So, I tested some others, outside of the ones already tested, and this EasyBlog is the best one I've seen.

I would love to critisize something, so my review seems more credible, but I can't.

Suites everything

Posted on 15 May 2014
I have been using Schlu eventlist for years. Obviously, due to its "death", I have been looking for a replacement.

I was pointed in the direction of this comp and gave it a testrun.

Yepp, it is an amazing tool for the job!

I run a fair which is an annual event. My site also shows events of a similar character from others.

I am also the Head of the Board for the local tennis club. We have 3 teams, and all are in the division stuff... meaning court bookings must be easy for everyone to see prior to going to the club.

This Matukio is great, versatile and if you need extra stuff implemented it is ready for that too!

Great work!

Posted on 30 April 2012
Loved the work in this!

Tabs can look so boring, but this one has tonnes of variations to give a pleasant visual experience.

Joomnclub also follow you up personally, by asking you a few weeks after if it has all gone well! I was a bit surprised at that, but they are just making sure you have it up and working, and if not they are ready to assist. Amazing service.

Nearly there

Posted on 28 March 2012
I have been using Virtuemart for some years now, and have always been pleased with it, AND I have several times donated.

Going over to Joomla 2.5, I installed the VM 2.0.2.

Well... tricky to get it in place was the first thing I noticed.

Some obvious bugs there... but it looks much better than the 1.1.9 version in my opinion.

I think the layout etc seems more logical.

However, it collapsed after the 5th product was uploaded... and run havoc here... so, I had to uninstall it.

I am obviously looking at the other shops that are 2.5 compatible, but realistically, I know I will end up using VM when it is ready.

As for their Forums support... well, over the past 5 or 6 years (!) I have only once run into a problem that wasn't already covered there!

Does the job

Posted on 04 February 2012
I have Googled everywhere for something like this for the past few days.

Then I stumbled on this one, and it does exactly what I want, simple and easy.

I found stacks of Popup Modules, but all I needed was for a housing area, a small popup message system for certain articles.

I also found other plugs, that either didn't work, or didn't download... amazing!

A Module is just way too much bother for a Popup message which (in the old days) was a simple html code.

So I am really glad to find this!

PS, it worked easy on 2.5, just make sure you download the correct version, cause even the 1.5 version actually installs on Joomla 2.5 (it just doesn't work, obviously).


Posted on 06 November 2011
Yepp, this is about as perfect as this sort of plug should be!

No time wasting with all the twiddels and weird nonsense some others have.

This one installed and worked. No fuss.

Great addition

Posted on 01 October 2010
I have seen this component a few times, but never really understood its potential.

However, I took the plunge and bought it.

It was dead easy to install, straight from the box.

I used the same Google Maps Key that I have for other map functions, and voila, it worked.

For me, this component is a great addition to the many other features of my site, and Users can easily add their own spots for everyone else to see.

Being a non-programmer however, I can sometimes do stupid things... and in my case it was making this available to Registered Users, to stop idiots adding weird things.

The response time from Compojoom was inside 5 minutes! Amazing, as always from the Compojoom team, THANKS!

PS, easy to customize too!


Posted on 26 April 2010
Awesome comment system, that helps the site to live.

Comments are the most secure method of getting feedback from users, and this product integrates everywhere on the subscription package!

Compojoom take user issues seriously, and fix the problem as fast as I have ever seen from any product! And now it has gone commercial clearly tells me it is going to be a stable investment.

And it supports Norwegian!


Posted on 04 February 2009
I have tried MISSUS for nearly a year, after testing and dropping most others.

I installed this UDDE recently due to continuous (small) bugs and trouble with MISSUS (including it being stopped).

UDDE is stable and solid!
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