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wbAmp not work (for me)

Posted on 27 September 2016
I see only the image of header and not the content. I haven' t found in the site of weeblr, what to do in this case. Decent documentation
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Owner's reply: Hi Guiseppe

This actually indicates that wbAMP is working very fine. It however also means that you content is not compatible with AMP. For instance, if your content is wrapped in a form (a Joomla category list will do that) or maybe it is using javascript, this is not compatible with AMP (and so wbAMP removes it, otherwise your page should be invalid and Google will not accept it).

You should not have any problem with regular articles (unless you also use javascript to display content as javascript is not accepted on AMP pages).

Maybe a good idea is to post more details on the forum at

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