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Posted on 01 October 2016
The Polls right out of the box gave us the basic functionality we needed. Maverick helped us to improve even more to get the look we wanted
Ease of use
The basic polls were very good. Lots of flexibility to help you achieve the desired look and feel.
Maverick did a great job responding to our questions and requests. He listens and will continue to put out a good product based on feedback.
My developer was able to use the documentation to install the product without issue. This is a good sign for documentation.
Value for money
We got exactly what we were looking for in a short time. As noted, the product and support really delivered the value for the money.
I used this to: Special website launch poll - to entice and engage potential site visitors. The most important aspect of any product is the support you get to achieve your goals. Maverick did that and we're happy with the product and service.
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