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Great Plugin

Posted on 09 May 2008
Great plugin. Easy to use. Just what I was looking for.


Very easy to get up and running

Posted on 21 November 2007
I just tried this after running into problems with some of the other commenting extensions for 1.5. Very easy to get up and running, and very simple to use. It doesn't overwhelm you with options, but that can be an advantage. The parameters aren't always intuitive, but once you figure them out, you realize the extension gives you more control than you first thought. Also, since it tracks comments in Joomla articles/categories/sections, you can use content modules to view latest comments, etc. Very nice feature.
Art Adminer
Paid download

Art Adminer

By Artetics
Database Management
Art Adminer is smart, fast and lightweight database management tool. This tool can be used if you need something faster and easier than phpMyAdmin. Features: Comprehensive database tool in your Joomla! administrator panel Connect to a database server with username and password or auto-connect to Joomla! database 3 default styles plus ability to add new Work with databases, tables, records Multi...
CiviAuthenticate for CiviCRM

CiviAuthenticate for CiviCRM

By Brian Shaughnessy
CiviCRM extensions
CiviAuthenticate is a Joomla authentication plugin that can replace the core authentication plugin. It provides the following features: optionally restrict login access to users who have a membership in good standing (with options for defining what constitutes a current membership) redirect expired members to a menu item or CiviCRM contribution page when they attempt to login. if redirecting to...