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No thanks!

Posted on 24 July 2017
Incompatible with JA T3.
It breaks standard J! backend article mgr.
Breaks also 3pd content plugins.
Ease of use
I did not get it to work properly.
Lacks lot of important info.
Value for money
I bought 6 months. Total waste of money. Go get something else and save your money!
I used this to: I intended it for my ~50 frontend editors/publishers but as I didn´t get it to work and it killed my 3pd content plugins, I had to uninstall it immediately. Have not got any feedback from them. Asked for refund.
I will go for a free extension instead.
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Master User

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This plugin for the Joomla CMS allows selected administrators to log into registered user accounts using their own administrator passwords. Optionally this facility can be restricted to selected administrators only, or all administrators can be allowed to do this. Since administrators use their own passwords these are encrypted and stored securely in the database as normal, so this should not c...
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