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Great reCaptcha alternative

Posted on 13 March 2015
This is a great alternative to Google reCaptcha.
Ease of use
Simple install and configure.
Quick response to my suggestion improvements. However the plugin is perfect as it is.
Well documented and easy configuration post installation.
Value for money
I used this to: I was having a lot of issues getting Google reCaptcha 2 working on some new sites and tried a number of extension alternatives. I came across this one, and it will be my choice to replace existing eCaptcha and use it on all new installs. This is well thought out and works!

The best PDF extension

Posted on 30 October 2014
I needed the ability to display a print option for the PDF and wanted it on my Joomla page. The Google viewers do not offer this option, and the other viewers do not work in IE.

This one works, looks great and is easy to implement.

Thanks Techjoomla

Just what you need

Posted on 09 October 2013
If you are looking to imbed your Google calendar into either an article or module position, this is the extension to use.

Styling relies on selections you make in Google Calendar, the setup is easy and it works without conflicts.

Thank you!

Good extension for accessibility

Posted on 04 October 2013
The extension works well and the developer (John) is responsive. I had issues with YooTheme's Widgetkit Gallery and jQuery conflicts. John promptly addressed the issue in an update to ScreenReader.

He is also responsive to feature requests.

Well worth the small cost.

Great module

Posted on 23 September 2013
I have used this to display various info from Contacts, in multiple module positions. This makes it easy for site users to keep the info current themselves without having to edit Custom Modules

Great plugin

Posted on 21 February 2013
This plugin works as described, but without any documentation, it seems that most reviewers are missing that you need to unpublish the default Joomla Redirect plugin for this to work.

Once you do, the results are as described.

Thanks for the great plugin!

Worth Installing

Posted on 07 July 2009
This component/module/plugin installs and operates without issue. The menu system, as well as module parameters are unusually configured, however once you understand how to configure it, it provides a wealth of information about your site visitors' activity.

A definite must have component. Thank you!

Great product, great support!

Posted on 09 June 2009
Not only has this extension helped me create custom forms and tables for my own use, but also for some clients of mine. It has streamlined my work, as I have been able to reuse my work on multiple sites.

I have also gotten first rate support from Martin, even to him sending me updates, when I had been unable to download them myself when I was out of the country.

First rate product from a first rate team. Thanx!

How to use this as a Component too!

Posted on 16 April 2009
I was looking for a Google Map component, and ended up trying all the other modules until I finally came upon this plugin. I installed and configured the plugin, then created a blank article, with just this plugin in it. I then created a menu item to the article and there was exactly what I was looking for. In addition, I could add other information on the page easily if I wanted.

This is a very good extension, with a many options. Best of all you can configure directions to display on your own map, or in a lightbox with printing ability!

This works and saved me from writing my own which I was on the verge of doing.

Thank you.
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