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Superb functionality, easy setup, great support

Posted on 14 November 2015
Perfect for displaying medium-sized databases: we use it for the residents' directory and library list for our independent living community
Ease of use
Really easy: people can maintain their lists in excel, export as CSVs, and update simply by FTP.
Superb. We've used this for years, but had tricky CSS issues when we upgraded to J3.4. Mike Hill, the new owner, went the extra mile!
Not its strongest point, but then setup is quite straight-forward. Any slightly experienced Joomla developer will have no problem.
Value for money
Superb. I've found nothing else that does this job so simply. Alternatives would have been much more work, and MUCH more expensive.
I used this to: I support the website for an Independent Living Community in MA USA. We provide a residents' directory, and a current listing of library titles on the website, displayed using Art Table. Residents can maintain the DBs on Excel, export to CSV. Updates are a snap...

Excellent Plugin

Posted on 05 August 2012
I adopted this plugin when creating a website for an artist who wanted a way to show the detail of her work. It provides a nice, slick UI. It seems to work flawlessly. Highly recommended.

Saved my Site

Posted on 07 July 2012
The scary thing about a backup system is that you never really know if it's going to work until you really, really need it. In this case, Akeeba came through with flying colors. Followed the instructions, loaded kickstart, and within a few minutes my site was back up. Wonderful. Thank you!
Owner's reply: Thank you for your review!

I agree that untested backups are scary. In fact, my mantra is that an untested backup is worth as having no backup. That's why I ask people to test their backups, at least every time they make a major change on their sites.

Testing your backups is very easy. You can use XAMPP, MAMP, WAMPServer, Zend Server CE or any other pre-packaged local server environment to create a fully functional web server running off your local computer in seconds, without any specialised knowledge. You can then use Kickstart to extract the archive and restore it on this local testing server.

For more information you can take a look in our Quick Start Guide. If you ever get stuck during restoration, just go to our site's Documentation, Troubleshooting section where 99% of your questions are readily answered with detailed troubleshooting instructions.

Works fine, solved my problem

Posted on 20 January 2012
I'm building a site for a senior community where we're pre-registering all of the residents and issuing them a temporary password. We want all of the users to change them to their preferred password, but I've been worried that the default "change password" process in Joomla is too complicated. This little plugin fits perfectly, and makes a nice, simple process automatic. Thank you. No problems in installing. Setting options is straight forward even without documentation, and it seems to work perfectly. My only complaint is that I wish it came with an even simpler password change screen. It defaults to the standard edit profile page, which gives users more choices than I want. A plugin that provided for new password entry and nothing more would be welcome.
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