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Think before you buy

Posted on 05 February 2017
Works as it is described but, there is no ALT text in HTML code for product images.So your google position in google images will goes down.
Ease of use
It is not install and use extension. You have to do some changes in VM template. So if you dont know HTML think first how to solve this...
there is how to install and change HTML template code
Value for money
High price for such template plugin and without support. Think before waist your money. There is limitation of use. Thatch out!
I used this to: I think to remove it form my website... I need high google position.
Owner's reply: Hi,

1- there is an option to disable image-swap, and enable alt-text

2- it is an install and use template. But if you are using a 3rd party template. OF COURSE there should be some coding change, because zoomEfft gets integrated to your template. We don't use pret_match filter to replace the codes dunamuvally, because it reudeces the performance. Custom coding is for your own good, to keep the performance in the highest level on your website. We provide feee installation service if you can't handle the initial installation

3- Without support? Did you even try to contact us before saying "without support"? Are we supposed to telepatically feel it and contact you to see if you need support? Lame!!

4- There are 2 licenses: single domain and multi domains. If you are a cheap developer and purchase single domain license; yes there is a usage limitation for you. You might find the price high or low; this is subjective. But you can't say "waste money". Please show some respect!
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