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Is it actually possible to use Joomla without it?

Posted on 02 March 2017

Rock solid, client friendly with a focus on easily managing (and styling) large numbers of articles/items.

Ease of use

There is a slight learning curve but 1hr should be adequate for most living users particularly if they are already comfortable with Joomla.


This is a free component (a framework?) from a busy company living in an economy that has been shafted. You're an adult, support yourself


Plenty if you let go of your Mother's hand and try searching for it.

I used this to: 80+ sites. I am daily amazed at how robust K2 is - K2 and cockraoches will survice the apocalypse. I can only assume the Joomlaworks guys are on Greek isles making love to their partners rather than building on their achievement here and charging €50 a pop per domain.
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