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Very nice alternativ to google maps!

Posted on 16 June 2018

This extension are a 'keeper'

Ease of use

Easy to use and to set up!


Have not used the support


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I used this to: Map view on my website.
SP Page Builder

SP Page Builder

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SP Page Builder is a powerful, feature-rich and super fast drag and drop visual page composer for Joomla. The Page Builder lets you visually create a fully responsive and mobile ready website in minutes. The frontend (also backend) tool shows changes instantly without refreshing the page. It empowers anyone to launch their Joomla site from scratch in the shortest possible time. SP Page Builder is a modern design system that enables you to take the full control of your site design without coding a single line. Features SP Page Builder sports tons of incredible features that will make it the easiest ever to build a website. The Page Builder is hugely versatile and utmost user friendly. You will love the extension for sure. Let’s see some of the core features of SP Page Builder. 100% Responsive and Mobile Friendly Everything you build with SP Page Builder becomes 100% responsive and perfectly mobile-ready. That means you don’t need any additional coding or configuration to launch a modern responsive Joomla site. SP Page Builder makes it so easy. Simple to Complex Row-Column Structure SP Page Builder offers you a world of ultimate freedom. You can create anything between a simple to a complex row-column structure conveniently. The Page Builder lets you insert unlimited number of columns, rows, nested rows, addons, and contents. Copy/Paste/Clone Page Elements (Pro) The Page Builder has an interesting functionality of element re-usability. That means, with SP Page Builder, you can copy/paste/clone existing rows, columns and addons to re-use them and save time. Page Builder allows you to clone an element in just a single mouse-click. Enable/Disable Rows, Columns or Addons (Pro) SP Page Builder gets a brand new feature which you can use to enable or disable rows/columns/addons. This will let you show/hide individual page elements from the frontend while still keeping them intact on the backend. The enable/disable the feature of the Page Builder offers a great opportunity to the A/B testers and busy developers. Unlimited Undo and Redo (Pro) SP Page Builder offers the maximum extent of freedom while building a website. Make changes to your designs as much as you wish. If a change seems not to be right, just undo the change. Similarly, you can also redo a change in no time. The Page Builder is that much flexible and user-friendly. Powerful Media Manager While building a website, it requires to upload and insert a number of images. SP Page Builder has an advanced media manager to handle these activities smoothly. The Page Builder Media Manager supports images, videos, document files, and archives. Free Pre-designed Layouts (Pro) SP Page Builder offers a collection of free pre-designed page layouts that you can utilize to create a functional website very fast. We will keep providing more and more new ready-to-use page layouts in the Page Builder in the future. Export/Import Pages (Pro) The Page Builder enables you to export or import any page edited/managed using the tool. This feature is very helpful for those who create large websites with repeated page layouts. The page export/import feature can also be used for website/page backup/restore purposes as well. Add Custom CSS SP Page Builder empowers users to build a complete site without any coding. But if you feel that a page needs some manual design tweak, you can still get it by adding custom CSS. Page Builder is really flexible. Make Joomla Articles More Professional (Pro) SP Page Builder 2 brings a major feature for blogs and content based sites. The page builder now supports native Joomla articles, which enables you to edit and beautify Joomla articles with the visual drag-and-drop system to make them more professional looking. Access Control List (ACL) Support SP Page Builder now offers Access Control List (ACL) support which can be used to control a page/element’s visibility. You can show/hide a specific page or an addon from a predefined group of users using ACL. Compatible with JCE, K2, J2Store etc. (Pro) SP Page Builder 2 extends the tool’s compatibility to a huge extent. The Page Builder’s latest version has K2 support for a prettier blogging experience, JCE support for a different style editor support besides TinyMCE editor. J2Store support is also available to increase your e-commerce conversion rate by making your product listings more attractive. Facebook Open Graph Data SP Page Builder provides an option to add open graph data for the pages managed by the tool. Open graph data is very important for a social shareable web page because it defines the Facebook share title, description, thumbnail image etc. Changelog SP Page Builder Version 3.2.4 Row drag and Drop padding feature added (pro). Inline editor issue fixed (pro). Media Manager image or media item's title issue fixed. SP Page Builder Version 3.2.3 Frontend media manager uploading issue fixed Frontend left sidebar text editing issue fixed. Email sending issue fixed in contact form addon. SP Page Builder Version 3.2.2 Inline Editing ability added (pro). Added Twitter Card (pro). Added Facebook app ID option (pro). Added Phone Field in contact form addon (pro). Pricing addon: "Price Font Size" responsive not working in front-end edit issue fixed (pro). Carousel pro addon: Responsive image and video issue fixed (pro). Opt-In form addon: if Button custom is enabled and font size empty then "Send Button" is empty on front-end issue fixed (pro). Button addon: button padding responsive not working issue fixed. Image Content addon: Button Style Not working issue fixed (pro). Opt-In form addon: Description text preview code and margin issue fixed (pro). Image content addon: Color and font family issue fixed. (pro) Tab addon: Icon color not working issue fixed. Carousel & Carouselpro addon: stdClass undefined notice issue fixed. Browser Chrome v67 no background image in row(s) issue SP Page Builder Version 3.2.1 Font family missing issue fixed in the preview. SP Page Builder Version 3.2.0 Critical security bug fixed Responsiveness for Gallery addon New features added and improved responsiveness of Feature Box addon (Free and Pro) Icon styling features added to Tab addon (Free and Pro) Icon styling and image positioning feature added to Testimonial Pro addon Search content on Joomla article built with SP Page Builder Open graph feature enable/disable option added to SP Page Builder Page front view performance improvement (Free and Pro) Improved the Joomla content integration plugin Carousel Pro addon autoplay issue SP Page Builder page search on multilingual sites Image Content addon empty button and responsiveness issues Instagram Gallery addon tips bug issue Tab addon PHP notice issue Opt-in Form addon button outline and font-size issues css.php undefined stdClass issue Audio issue of Vimeo videos on section background Carousel addon undefined stdClass issue Duplicate FadeInDown animation issue Empty prompt box upon column deletion issue Feature addon content alignment issue (Free and Pro) Testimonial addon text-alignment issue Testimonial pro addon image radius and custom class issues Modal addon image alt issue Icon addon custom class issue JCE editor same text preview issue PHP error notice fixed from the system plugin Undo-redo functioning improved 404 error in frontend edit preview for multilingual site issue Falang compatibility improvement Apache non-default port issue fixed for URL SP Page Builder Version 3.1.3 Smart Search plugin added for SP Page Builder Styling added to Pie Progress bar Icon groups addon added Button style added ( Free & Pro) button groups button style added Ajax contact button style added Video Info hide options added ( Free & Pro) Tab addon custom style option added ( Free & Pro) Article addon post by tag option added License key input field has now hidden value Border radius fatal error Total count, Twitter share on Social Share addon Title, Image link and Image alt issue on Feature box addon ( Free & Pro) Modal height issue in the modal addon Instagram gallery addon preview Flickr gallery addon live preview Google Maps issue fixed Sorting featured article on Article addon Testimonial pro addon avatar size Testimonial addon class bug ( Free & Pro) SPPB Module(s) inside article Global style issue for ajax request based preview addons ( Free & Pro) Column margin, row video preview image issue SP Page Builder Version 3.1.2 19 new pre-designed templates (Pro). Helix Ultimate compatibility added (Pro). SP Page Builder backward compatibility added. Article addon’s item sorting improved (Pro). Social share addon’s count issue fixed (Pro). Image addon's dual-image issue fixed in frontend editing. Timeline addon’s responsive issue fixed (Pro). SP Page Builder Version 3.1.1 Helix Ultimate compatibility. Gradient background for buttons (Pro). Library panel close button php7.2 errors fixed. __sppagebuilder_addons table issue (Pro). Testimonial pro js error and show controls (Pro). Global options default values. double CSS code with k2 (Pro). Modal popup image issue (Pro). Flip box iOS issue (Pro). Row copy paste duplicate ID (Pro). Builder type reorders for the backend. HTML decoding issue for modules. Text Shadow issue (Pro). Missing lang. border styles for flipbox (Pro). SP Page Builder Version 3.1 Gradient background for rows, columns, and addons Save addons as presets in the library Resizable sidebar Link List addon Custom CSS field for addons Re-designed background effect bar Extra checkbox field for Contact Form addon Improved box shadow in input UX Margin, border and border-radius options for columns The negative value for Heading addon letter spacing Link field now supports attachments for Heading and Image addons Text transformation and shadow for Heading addon Margin and padding value split conflict with old data Addon default value init in Article OG image issue JCE editor link prettify issue Image content empty button text issue Backend settings drop-down menu overflow issue Link color for Feature addon issue Google maps not showing in articles with integration enabled SP Page Builder Version 3.0.4 Countdown background color issue (Pro) Carousel Pro addon text color issue (Pro) Inner column custom class (Pro) Multilingual issue for frontend editing Feature addon title link color issue Opt-in Form addon AcyMailing issue (Pro) K2 category issue (Pro) Unpublished/Trashed Joomla article issue (Pro) K2 Show All button line issue (Pro) SP Page Builder Version 3.0.3 JCE color change real-time view Feature box disappearing issue Copy/paste same ID issue (Pro) Backend row setting form init issue Image URL issue No more empty CSS (Pro) Media upload to the chosen folder Page Template loading issue for some servers Custom class in column issue Inner column padding at frontend editing (Pro) SP Page Builder Version 3.0.2 Language and Integration installation issue Copy/paste notification Column setting tools z-index issue HTTPS for all JoomShaper API connections Heading Addon background overlay issue Backend inner row admin title issue Backend inner row duplicate issue Small front-end editor screen issue SP Page Builder Version 3.0.1 Inner row padding and margin responsive issue fixed (Pro) Row title and sub-title font size issue fixed Button text responsive issue fixed YouTube video now muted in live view (Pro) Repeatable item button clone issue fixed Column setting error after re-initialization issue fixed ParallaxJS function error issue fixed (Pro) Inside addon design for backend issue fixed Text input re-initialization issue fixed Shape height issue fixed (Pro) Drop cap color issue fixed Some minor fixes are also applied SP Page Builder Version 3.0 New: 100% live editing experience New: 90+ pre-built sections (pro) New: Save Sections in the library for reusing later (pro) New: Shape Divider with 10+ shapes (pro) New: Element copy-paste feature now available in the front-end editor (pro) New: Google Fonts support (pro) New: Device-wise responsive options New: New font styles New: Border radius for Image addon New: Use addons in accordions and tabs Tweak: Re-engineered media manager Tweak: Image addon title position issue fixed Tweak: Pricing addon updated (pro) Tweak: Columns are now flexboxes Tweak: Improved UI & UX Tweak: Faster and improved drag and drop system Tweak: Improved Parallax (pro) Tweak: All addons improved and updated Tweak: Padding, margin options system renovated Removed Addons: Blockquote, Call to Action, Drop Cap (Now you can use drop cap with Text Block addon), Facebook Like, Facebook Likebox, Google Plus Button, Twitter Share. SP Page Builder Version 2.0 Visual Site Building with Frontend Editor (pro) Lightning Fast Unlimited Undo/Redo Changes New Media Manager Page Builder Module (pro) Enhance Joomla Articles with Page Builder (pro) J2Store and K2 Support (pro) JCE Editor Support (pro) Pre-designed Page Layouts and templates (pro) Device Specific Responsive Controls Enable/Disable Page Elements (pro) Better Row/Column Management Copy, Paste, Delete & Duplicate Everything (pro) Access Control List Support (pro) Countdown Addon (pro) Social Share Addon (pro) Heading Addon (pro) Attach Files to Buttons Central Google Maps API Configuration All Possible Layouts SP Page Builder Version 1.0.1 Seven completely new buitin templates, such a: About Us, Corporate page, Pricing table or Our team. Text input bug for repeatable items. We also added missing language strings. SP Page Builder RC1 Save as copy option. Multilingual support. Open Graph support. SEO. ACL. SP Page Builder Version BETA Initial Release Documentation Docs: Support You can open an issue on Github ( ) to report bugs, fix or others. No forum support for this extension or free download. Please don't open any customization support issue.
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