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Posted on 25 June 2014
Package installs just fine, however, when you run the game, you get an erro screen saying that the server has not been "paid" for and that you can pay for one month of "usage" or, you can select the international server for free. This is very confusing to end users and makes the game unplayable. Also, the system does not seem to keep track of what you have done between sessions as each time I logged into the game, it started me over from the beginning.

Worked perfectly yhe first time

Posted on 08 April 2014
Worked right out of the box the first time. Instructions were a little hard to following but I managed to muddle through it. Install from web failed with can not find XML file, but downloading from website and installing manually via upload to site worked. Enabled for back end and super user and it worked.

Thank you!Q!!!
Owner's reply: Hello Rayven,

Thank You very much for your precious feedback. We have noted it and will definitely improve on it.

The instructions are pure technical currently. We will add comments and proper recommendations to make it seamless with the installation process.

We will also add support for the install from web option in Joomla.

We really appreciate that you allowed us your genuine feedbacks and time.

Thank You
Team Ready Bytes.

Excellent support

Posted on 10 January 2014
NOt only does this do what it says out of the box, when I installed it on my Joomla 3.2 since I discovered an error. I wrote to the author and within 24 hours not only had he discovered the error but fixed it and sent me the revised package before it was released.

Incredible support!!!!

Easy to use and straightforward

Posted on 30 October 2012
Does what it says and works right the first time. Excellent plugin that does not try to do everything. Add plugin, inserted piwik code, enabled and saved. Refreshed website home page and piwik code was there and metrics instantly started showing up on my piwik server.



Posted on 22 April 2011
What can I say? Alzander is one of the best for support. I have not had a question to date sit on the forum longer than 24 hours. We had a serious issue with the extension when I first installed it and he was right there to support me and to get things working as I needed them. Not only did he log into me site to check things out but he identified an issue with his component and had a fix released within a day or two. World class support and a world class extension.

I HIGHLY recommend this extension to everyone who wishes to integrate Facebook with their site.

Perfect module

Posted on 30 January 2011
Does what it says it does, zero issues with install, works perfectly from the get go.

Overall, one of the best modules I've see for Joomla.

Love it!!!
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