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Fantastic Plug-in

Posted on 20 August 2017

This plug in is very easy to configure and works a charm

Ease of use

Very easy to use and with very good instructions so you will be using it straight away


I had one server based problem installing and the developer sorted it out for me in a very timely manner offering great advice.


The documentation for this plug in is exceptional

I used this to: I run a review website and I use this plug in so that my readership can help promote my reviews through twitter.


Free | Social Share | Tassos Marinos
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This plugin allows you to easily create tweetable fancy content and quotes for your blog readers. Using a simple shortcode, your selected text is highlighted and made tweetable that can be shared to Twitter with a single click! Make people tweet your content, not you! Syntax {tweetme} Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod {/tweetme} The Problem It hurts when a blog post you wrote doesn't get any mention and no one shares your content on Twitter. It's a well-known fact also that only a small percentage of visitors will read a post from start to finish. People are busy. The Solution TweetMe solves that problem by offering tweetable content & quotes which are short, catchy messages embedded in your blog post that can be shared on Twitter with a single click! Features Create either tweetable content boxes that stand out or inline links wrapping your text. Predefined themes that are clearly stand out from the rest of the copy and catch the eye. Get your visitors tweet your content on Twitter from any screen is viewed on. It will always fit perfectly and look great. Place it anywhere with just a simple shortcode: {tweetme}Look ma! Awesome Tweetable Quotes!{/tweetme}. Increase exposure on Twitter by mentioning your Twitter @username, custom #hashtags or even Twitter related accounts in every tweet automatically!. Shorten links via or or even TinyURL in order to free up space within a tweet in Twitter intent. Get your content noticed with the beautiful and readable Google Fonts optimized for the web. Tweetable quotes are designed to be tweeted on Twitter with a single click! "Call-to-Actions" are crucial in online marketing. That is why next to each tweetable quote you see a short call-to-action. Built with performance in mind. Even link shortening service is taking part in the background. It will never slow down your site. Fully open source and the code is NOT encrypted in any way. No use of Zend Optimizer or ionCube. You are free to change the code to your likings. Ideas It does not matter how many followers you have on Twitter; what matters is how many of your website visitors will tweet your content to their followers. People love tweeting things that make them look good in the eyes of their followers. Just give them something good to tweet: A quote A take away A catchy phrase A smart idea A statistic Compatibility Joomla Articles K2 EasyBlog FlexiContent Cobalt Joomla Modules Anywhere you can imagine Changelog 1.2.3 (09 Nov 2016) - Adds more font families - CSS fixes 1.2.2 (5 Oct 2016) - Adds Twitter related accounts option - Updates backend interface - Updates translations (nl-NL, ru-RU) - Makes the layout overridable by your Template - Minor fixes 1.2.1 (20 June 2016) - Adds nofollow option for the generated links - Adds Dutch (nl-NL) translation - Makes Twitter "Via" option - Makes "Center align" option Related Tags Twitter, Twitter share, Twitter share button, Click to Tweet on Twitter, 1-Click twitter share, tweetable quotes, tweetable content, Increase Twitter followers, Boost twitter traffic, Twitter CRO, Twitter widget, Twitter free plugin, Article Twitter share, Twitter share for K2, Twitter quotes, TweetThis, Tweet This, Select Text and Tweet, Twitter visual quotes, Inline Twitter share, Twitter fancy quotes, Twitter call to action, Twitter themes plugin, Embed tweetable quotes and share to Twitter, Twitter App
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