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GREAT Mobule

Posted on 25 April 2013
I LOVE the Module and have two items for a "Wish List" Would like a Component for managing the images and would like it if it automatically
Ease of use
Very easy, would like to see a Component to manage Images
Didn't need any.
Still not needed, pretty self explanatory
Value for money
I used this to: My companies website
Owner's reply: Hi!

First, thank you for using our extension but I don't agree with your review. You no need using Media Manager to upload your images. Our module allow upload it at Module Parameter, IF YOU REALLY HAVE TO USED our extension as our documentation, you can upload images from Module Parameter.
If you still can not upload, may be your site have errors, in the case, please post the question to our forum support or create an ticket support before. We are always here to help you.

Works as Advertized

Posted on 07 November 2011
Installed properly on my 1.7 site, entered the tracking number and viola it works.

Better Than Ever

Posted on 28 November 2010
Been using FCKEditor/CKEditor since 2007 and cannot imagine living without. It has been so easy teaching my clients how to create and edit articles.



Posted on 01 April 2009
Works great as a standalone, installs and configures nicely.

Needs to link with the Employment Application Module.

Installed Easy, Works as Advertised

Posted on 01 April 2009
Like the title says, installed properly and runs fine. All in all for a free component it does the job it's listed for.

Customization is limited to toggle sections on/off and possible editing of a language file for text. No required field markings and I wish it had an integrated listing component.

Got It - Love It

Posted on 06 January 2009
I use this Page Peel Banner at and am preparing the stand-alone version for some of my non-Joomla sites.

Works GREAT in all current (non-beta) browsers except FF3 under Ubunto Linux Gnome where the page peel doen't roll up properly. So 2% of my visitors didn't see the proper effect. Yes you are restricted to square images, but that's PERFECT for me.

JOhn >


Posted on 11 September 2008
I used 1.2.6 and thought that was great, 1.2.7 it incredible. Installed and configured perfectly. The new version and the MODULE is GREAT. Backend ads are OK as long as they don't get offensive. I will click on them everyday as long as the dev team is getting $$$ for them. Only thing I would like to see added right now is Bot ID below the ip address like the user ID below the users ip. (ie: google, yahoo, shopwiki, live, etc)



Posted on 01 April 2008
Works perfect, I copied it to do several time zones. COOOOL!


Posted on 28 March 2008
Thank You - Thank You - Thank You

Joomla 1.0.12 - I was having so much trouble inserting flash movies into my pages with the stock editor and JoomlaFCK 2.5.1a fixed all those problems.

The only thing lacking is a way to input a text memo field, in my case I want to provide the html code for linking to an image on my server so people can cut n past to their site. Maybe I have to look more, but I didn't see it.

Thanks Again

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