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Waste of Money

Posted on 27 November 2017
The functionality was ok. I looked like what I was used to in a stand alone version of Wordpress
Ease of use
Was not that easy before I installed it I had to FTP into my server and rename 1 file and comment out a line in the htaccess file.
It was ok. In the end I got oh not our issue you need to talk to your template provider. This extension was the only place I had the issue
The documentation was ok. Nothing great but ok.
Value for money
Was horrible I wasted my money. I am having to go with my second choice for my solution.
I used this to: I am not using. I could not get it to function correctly it had errors that went away on one update then came back. Also it would not load the default page color and was adding funky characters to the page. This page was the only one on my site having issues.
Owner's reply: Gene,

I encourage you to re-read my support responses. As explained to you, prior the issue you are experiencing is a bootstrap file that is displaying this is within your template and not from WordPress for Joomla!. The reason you don't experience this elsewhere is most likely on your site your site isn't using this class. As suggested it is best to modify this rule or create a new one that overrides this because bootstrap is getting loaded behind WordPress style sheets.

I am sad to see your response in regards to your scoring as I find it misleading to the type of support that we provide which goes beyond what we consider general support. Again I am sorry that my emails were not read or interpreted properly but we tried our best to communicate this issue to you.
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