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Excellent suppot

Posted on 08 July 2011
I have installed the OSE membership and couldn't configure it to work with the HWDVideo as I was using a custom front end component to view my videos instead of the hwdvideo default view. I contacted the support team and were helpful at every stage and even offer me a solution how to control my video categories using the custom component.

The least I can offer them is an excellent 5 star service.

I must say that there are few bugs (please correct me if I am wrong), for instance when you choose to create a lifetime membership, users still get in the registration form if they want to renew their membership automatically or manually. I suppose if there is a lifetime membership, this option should be disabled.

Overall, this component must be on everyone's installation if you are planning to control the content in your site.

Keep up with the hard work.

Beautiful component, it does what it says but...

Posted on 23 February 2011

This component and module does what it says and is very flexible as it can be used by any mosque and tailored to their own timing. The beauty about this component it does also let you define the Iqama time which is fantastic.


I found some difficulties uploading the CSV file. If you modify the sample file provided and try to upload it to the system, it will not display any data in the interface, however, when you check the database itself you see the all the data there. Maybe I am modifying the CSV on a Windows platfrom, I don't know??
Owner's reply: Jazak Allah for review.

We have released more versions and have tried to improve Prayer Times component in the light of your feedback. Hope we have improved/fixed the issues you mentioned. InshaAllah

Fantastic module

Posted on 02 February 2008
It does bring a life to your website recommanded.

Two points i have about this module:

A- How can i change the word "open ads" to something more apropriate to my site?

B- I'd love to have the page peeled automatically only once when you reload the website for the first time and not on every page you click on. So far you can set this in the configuration but it still does not work!!??

Thank you for your big efforts.
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