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Directory Tree

Great extension to display folders and their contents easily on your site. Highly customisable

Posted on 13 February 2018

Easily create pages displaying files or folders. Many options to make tree look good. Add text before and after the tree.

Ease of use

Easy to install and configure. Create pages with custom intro/footer text and directory tree. Tree of files is collapsible and searchable.


Brilliant support. Candire have responded to me promptly with answers to queries and also added a new feature I requested. Fantastic.


Documentation is simple but software is fairly self explanatory.and email support is great.

Value for money

Superb value for money. Can't thank the developer enough for adding a feature we required.

I used this to: We used this component to display driver files for our OEM clients on their individual download pages. We previously had a java plugin in our old ASP site and needed something similar for our new Joomla site. This was just the job and looks really good with its icons.
Directory Tree

Directory Tree

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This powerful extension provides front-end tree menu access to download files and folders from a directory. It loads tree menus dynamically (not on page load) for faster performance, supporting an unlimited number of files and folders in a single tree. The powerful AJAX search allows users to search by file name, file type and folder location with options to display file sizes and file modified dates. Highlights: We've listened to your feedback over the last few years and have recreated the popular Directory Tree from scratch to provide the following functionality: Unlimited directory sizes - The first Joomla! extension of its kind to load directories and sub-directories dynamically rather than on page load. This allows you to create a directory tree with unlimited files/folders without a performance limitation. Search filter option - This uses AJAX to filter files based on the file path, file name or file extension. UTF-8 support - You can now use any UTF-8 character from the following charsets: C0 Controls and Basic Latin, C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement and Latin Extended-A. Free one-click updates - A single user license gives you access to free updates when they become available. Features include: Unlimited directory sizes Dynamically loading directories AJAX search capability Full Joomla! ACL Full Joomla! menu items Full UTF-8 support for C0, C1 and Latin Extended-A Native template styling Free one-click updates .url file link parsing ~200 file type icons 32 jQuery easing functions Unlimited installations Settings include: Toggle display of directory path Toggle display of search box Toggle display of collapse button Toggle display of empty directories Toggle display of file extensions Toggle display of files sizes Toggle display of file dates Toggle display of introductory text Toggle display of succeeding text Choose to exclude private directories Choose to exclude private files Choose to exclude file types Choose an alternating line colour Updates: See 1.0.4: This update adds a bottom text section to allow text both before and after the directory tree in Joomla! 3.8.5. 1.0.3: This update provides changes to administrator language files and minor code changes for Joomla! 3.4.8. 1.0.2: This update provides article style title options to the menu item and fixes the case sensitive search results. 1.0.1: This update removes the redundant base directory name from search results.
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