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Doesn't work with Firefox 44.0.2

Posted on 16 February 2016

The "View" function does not work with Firefox vers. 44.0.2 I get multiple errors, beginning with "unreachable code after return statement"

Ease of use

Easy enough to use, just hope your users don't have FireFox browsers.


It's been a couple hours, and no response yet, so I'm unsure..


Docs are not even needed, use is straight-forward.

I used this to: Joomla! 3.4.8 Stable

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Posted on 04 April 2012

After wasting time with extensions that forced you to jump through hoops because they really wanted you to spend $$$, and some that just plain were buggy - this one was simple, flexible and it worked right out of the box! And I didn't have to subscribe or register, etc.


Not user friendly, not for newbies..

Posted on 03 December 2010

In fairness, it appears the developer has done quite a bit of work on this extension, since there are quite a few menu options and even a "form wizard", so on first glance I wondered why I'd been hired to help a client with this forms extension.

After five minutes, I understood. This is anything but intuitive. Many people won't get to first base on the "wizard". Those that do will be left wondering what to do when they finish the last shown step. If they assume they are done and go to Forms Management, they've lost all their work.

Yes, they do include a tutorial that can be downloaded, but it wouldn't take much work to make the extension easier to use.

If the developer would sit someone who'd never seen this app, in front of a computer and watch them struggle, they could easily make big improvements.

Also, the extension will put a link to the developer's website on all forms unless you pay.

I ended up just creating the forms for my client without any extension.


Great component!

Posted on 15 July 2010

This thing is awesome! (And I'm not known for going easy on reviews) Although the basic version is doing everything I need, I tried to buy the pro version just to say "thanks", but apparently they don't take paypal. Anyway, well thought-out component that works great.


Great extension!

Posted on 05 July 2010

I recommend this extension for all Joomla sites that allow user registration. It installed in seconds, and was setup on my user registration form with no further work on my part.

- Hank Castello /


Sourcerer - it works!

Posted on 27 February 2010

Simple install and simple use. Even more importantly - it works without having to mess with anything!

- Hank Castello,


Wait until the bugs get fixed - if they ever do

Posted on 20 February 2008

There is so much hype about this app and when you look at it, it really does look good.

Problem is, there are severe problems in the core of this app. Problems that have been posted on the developer's forum since last year, yet still not addressed nor even replied to.

The two biggest problems are:

1. Import of CSV product data does not work.

2. If using sales tax, pricing does not work!!!

If you're only having a dozen products or so, you may be able to live with not being able to import your products - but the developer has been aware of this bug for over a year and hasn't fixed it.

Random pricing? Actually, random discount pricing! Sales tax is usually subtracted after being subjected to seemingly random math functions.

I'm a web developer/database guy and have installed hundreds of Joomla (and other) components, plug-ins, etc., so it's not like I'm some newbie user who doesn't read manuals.

One annoying bug in the /administrator/index2.php file will keep loggin you out, but is easily fixed by adding ob_start(); immediately after the first php tag (include the semi-colon).

Unfortunately, the other bugs aren't so easily fixed.

- Hank Castello

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