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Fast and Easy

Posted on 11 April 2013
What can I say:

Easy download, no hoops or registration

Installed with no issues

In less then 5 minutes I had tried 3 different types of presentation (list broke my front end, no biggie, just selected another type).

Quickly sized it and colored it to match all within the module.

Really nice guys thanx.

Hope future updates are visible in the sites control panel.

"Out of the box" this thing Rocks!

Posted on 05 May 2009
I don't know what lhridley was talking about. I did a fresh joomla install, loaded Project Fork, and had it working in 5 minutes or less, including the restricted front end access and some basic project configurations.

This has everything I have been looking for. Not only is it great for project management but we use it for trouble ticketing (for internal use only). It's fast loading, intuitive and easy to pick up and start using.

It also looks like you can totally trick this app out with plug-ins. I still need to see what can be added or extended, but "out of the box" this thing rocks!
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