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Product idea is good, the product itself not good

Posted on 21 November 2018
When searching for products on Aliexpress, it shows these and just press a button to select. Unfortunately only 1 could be imported :-(
Ease of use
Idea is good, search and select products. Unfortunately only one could be imported in virtuemart. This is a lot of work.
The guy is answering but only say "not use this, just select only one product every time" when selecting more than one product.
There is a website to try. Not much documentation but product is easy.
Value for money
I will not use it very much because only 1 product could be imported one by one, When more than 1 could be used, it should be valuable.
I used this to: It could be helpful to search for products on Aliexpress which could be easily imported in virtuemart. Because you should search, select only 1, search again, select only 1, etc. this is still a lot of work for importing and not useful.
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