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It simply works

Posted on 25 June 2014
This extension should not be needed, its functionality should be integrated in Joomla. I'm even more pleased that it exists and that it does a perfect job. Will be on my list of extensions to install on every site.
Owner's reply: Hello,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review for us. We are glad that you liked the plugin.

Thank You
Team Function90

Amazing service

Posted on 27 March 2012
It has been said before, but I still have to add my two cents: the level of service received from those guy surpasses everything I have ever seen. I needed a special adaption for my site (ability to display video in responses because the site is intended to be run with signing as a main language). They promised an adaption on my own site this morning. 10h later they apologize for the delay and present me with a solution that offers a lot more than they had promised. Incredible, really. If you're in for an excellent extension with a perfect service, look no further.


Posted on 01 March 2009
I used Gallery2 so far, outside Joomla, no integration with 1.5 (at least not one that actually works), but was not satisfied.

Along comes JoomGallery. There is room for improvement, nice-to-have-stuff. But it works, it looks smart, it integrates nicely with my CSS. I'm just happy and eager for it to come out of beta.

Support: I had a few itches, they got answered. I got one real problem, they answered immediately and solved the problem.

It works!

Posted on 22 March 2008
XCloner beta (which is the new name for JoomlaCloner). It allowed me to design my new 1.5 homepage in a test-environment and then just clone it to the original HP. Just great, thanks.

By the way, I only have little experience with Joomla and none with SQL what so ever, but .XCloner just works like a charm.
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