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Not working on Gantry at all

Posted on 26 May 2018
Sorry but none of the "Display type" works on Gantry based templates. 4.x series
Ease of use
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Value for money
Owner's reply: Only one user has reported an issue while using a Gantry based template, and it was resolved after they figured out that they had forgotten to enable the e-Privacy AJAX plugin. So, no problems for Gantry templates if the documentation is followed.

I check my forums every day, and you never asked for support. The extension is still free, care to try again?

Very Good

Posted on 18 August 2014
Nice and stylish tooltips.

If you are a css developer you can reprogram whole tooltip through css, no javascipt or php knowledge required.

Installation and utilization is easy and fast.

If you use html inside your "tip=" make sure you do not have blank space between tags, and everything works.

I hope that the dev will continue to develop this plugin.

Best of tooltips

Posted on 05 August 2014
I tried several tooltips, but this one is definitely by far the best.

Plugin easy customization from backend. You can choose color of tultips, body font, title font etc.

Implementation is extremely simple, beacuse it has u button with your editor. You don't even need to read documentation.

Bootstrap javascript library is inherited within joomla native, so no javascript conflict will ever occur.

Support is kind, fast and professional.

And most important of all - it's Tablet and Mobile ready!

Great Component

Posted on 11 August 2013
Very easy to configure, and works great. 10 min. of my time for 3 galleries.

I have one suggestion.. In "Width" option you can choose px or percentage. But I want to display actual px of image on my G+ photos.

So some image there is 345 px, and another is 280 px width. Exact original px would be great option.

5 stars for that ;)

Simple and neat

Posted on 19 March 2013
I use the extension for the home page. Good and eye-catching script.

Very simple to set up. Working flawlessly with Joomla 2.5

Support is fast and professional, as it should be since they are also a template developers.

At Last Simple Download

Posted on 26 October 2012
At last found true hair of "Simple Download Plugin"!!!

Easy to setup. One code in article and download link works.

Excellent for smaller sites, who only need simple feature.

Keep up with good work and keep it simple ;-)

Slider which worth

Posted on 16 May 2008
This is definitely Image Slider for Joomla 1.5 that you should use, and it is free.

Just to tell you that support stuff is excellent and quick.

Great translation tool

Posted on 11 May 2008
Very good translation tool indeed, glad that this module exist. Very easy setup, working great.

My suggestion – there is already several languages on Google translate website, which are not part of this module. It would be nice if they could be integrated, so that this module would be for all people and up to date.

Does not slow down page load like Google analytics

Posted on 06 April 2008
This statistics component works wonderful with joomla 1.5

Very nice admin backend graphics and layout which enables good insight in several stats within seconds, precise robots tracking, do not slow down page load like Google analytics.

If in future it will have information from which pages visitors are coming, it would be definitely in top 3 joomla stats all the time.
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