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Easy to use tabs

Posted on 26 March 2015
Prefect for me
Ease of use
Value for money
I used this to: I could not get the Joomla core tabs to go Horizontal and was dreading input tab description to every article when I have over 12,000 articles. I downloaded this for the horizontal view. Imagine my surprise when the plugin pulled in my title words to my articles. Thank you.

Great plugin should be joomla core

Posted on 24 March 2015
Must have
Ease of use
easy, just add the id of article, force users to login to see the link publish done.
Value for money
I used this to: To force users to login to visit the website link, I also added an article for the disclaimer I am very impressed I found this plugin and must have for Joomla core.

Nice Plugin - Recommend

Posted on 29 December 2014
great for my needs
Ease of use
eat had a minor issue, fixed quickly.
Never used it
Value for money
I used this to: Joomla 3

Pride for their product, would recommend

Posted on 19 July 2014
I must say I have been very disappointed with some of the products on JED I have tried and paid for, the owners seem either to try and force extra payment or not bother improving their product. This is NOT the case with Jom Classifieds, from the start I am overly impressed with the professionalism and pride these guys seem to have for their product. I am using it for a job site so I need to make minor changes, they were in the backend and sorted within 24 hours due to time difference. Suggestions and problems are addressed in the forum, which I like because it helps others who have the same issues. Emails to the team are handled well so all-in-all support is brilliant. Jom Classifieds is easy to configure and understand, the look front-end is professional and for me covers all the basics I would expect from a classified. Best of all they are improving it, with the help of users suggestions, etc.

So, what's not to like, I would recommend this product to anyone, please keep up the great work and thank you to the team at Jom Classifieds.

Great Plugin

Posted on 12 December 2013
5 is not enough more like 10

Easy to use plugin, I thought I had a problem which was just my settings. Works out the box. I even was able to use youtube in the tooltip.

Thank you for a great product.


Posted on 02 October 2013
Ok, I had an all singing all dancing Jobs board cost a lot of money to boot, recently support went out the window plus I come to find that my users found it very difficult to navigate.

Hence came across advertising board, very simple thought users have no excuse with his not to post ads.

Anyway tried the free version contacted users and got positive feedback. Asked some questions to Andrew who answered within 24 hrs.

I brought the pro version and also upgraded my site to 3.1.5. I know not for live sites but I can live with the bugs.

The pro version had some issues and I worked with Andrew to Address them, as some of the issues was with my hoster, hence the pro is so much better now.

Big thank you! to Andrew who answered a hell of a lot of my emails and I feel that $19 was and is well spent.

Great! just the job

Posted on 30 September 2013
I like this a lot, had issue with jquery, bobbed an email to Robert. Suggested that I use "jqueryeasy and set it to strip multiple versions".

Simple worked great look forward to this coming out of Alpha.

Keep up the good work Robert, and a big thank you!


Great! just the job

Posted on 15 April 2013
What can I say excellent I had a future request and Viktor is releasing in the next release of this plugin which will for my site make to this plugin the best.

Thanks for the time you spent with my email Viktor and keep up the great work :)
Owner's reply: Thank you very much for your review!

Great just what I needed!

Posted on 25 December 2012
I have given an 5 star, why because it is a great product and FREE.Great work and I know that you guys will have a version 3 for Joomla. Thanks a lot.


Posted on 07 July 2012
I can truly say that this component is Intuitive, easy to install and support is excellent.

I am a newbe to Genealogy and doubted if I would understand how to start. I strubbled on this component and I have not regrets, from day one Niels has been supportive to distraction (even on a busy schedule).

This is component looks daunting but a comprehensive manual is available, if like me you find manuals confusing then just download the component set up the basics no need for Gedcom and just start adding your family tree from the front-end.

Voila, log out and there you are the start of your family tree.

Take a look at Neils site you will see the wishlist I mean come on guys this is currently free, Neils is a busy chap and still the support is better than most paid components.

I can rave all day, A maga Thank you to the developer Neils who is giving back to the Joolma community.
Owner's reply: Thanks for your enthusiastic endorsement. Greatly appreciated.
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