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Very Good - period!

Posted on 25 April 2013
This is very good extension, site downloads are easy to find. Works like a charm! Great job - developers. THANK YOU

One of the very best !

Posted on 07 February 2013
Easy to use, excellent support and probably one of the most wanted extensions. Thank you very much for the god work! I really love it!



I gave up,...

Posted on 06 February 2013
Tried this extension, but it is poorly documented. No Forum and no support unless you pay. Worst of all the extra plugins (i.e Blog) which I tried did not work for me (or at least I could not figure out how to make it work. I tried Joomla Forum support but no one could point me to the information on how to setup a Blog plugin. The interface looks good, the installation is simple but in general I would say this extension need much more documentation and examples on how to use it.

This extension should not be listed here

Posted on 30 January 2013
First of all let me point out that extensions which are language specific should not be on this list. I do not speak Spanish and don't want to browse the developer site with the Spanish dictionary in ma hand. Even if this is the best Joomla extension ever it should be on the website which is in English. English is not my native language but one should realize that it is an international language for computers, internet and many other fields. Their website doesn't even have any translation tool, so my conclusion is: if I cannot read thir website I would not be able to communicate in English with the developer, so the bottom line is - it is not worth my time even to try it.

This is rather unfinished product

Posted on 14 January 2013
Nice idea, but this product seems to be unfinished.

1. After adding Blog Categories they do not show up on the category list when Adding New Blog (from Admin back-end)

2. On the front-end when adding New Blog there is no drop down list to select a Blog (but rather text field to type the category name), which makes no sense (nobody would remember several categories, and how to type in exact Category Name).

Very Good Extenstion

Posted on 20 October 2012
I really recommend this extension!

The only reason I did not give it all stars is that it needs some minor touches. For example there should be a CANCEL buttons on the New Ticket form, so the user can easily close it down. The docuemtnation should be improved. I would like to see mlike step by step scenario, as I have had some problems understanding how the other (than main) plugins work. I was not able to find a download links to extra plugins. anyway - it is still great! Thank you!

This Extension Rocks!

Posted on 22 September 2012
This extension is exactly what so many people wanting mobile sites were waiting for. Installation takes just few minutes, the interface is very simple and Docs are very god. There is even an option to disable a developer logo in a free version. I'm testing it only for 1 day, but I think I will be strong supporter of this extension and developers. They did superb job and I just want to say one BIG hank You !

This extension is a must for everybody thinking about mobile site version.

very problematic

Posted on 19 July 2012
I was hoping this extension deserved some attention, but,...I was very unsuccessful.

- when installing I got errors, then second installation went through

- after installing everywhere I moved I was getting Error 500, table does no exist. When I tried to looked at the site's forum to search for some hints, I got bunch of errors on a search page

- looked up in a DOCs but the documentation is completely disorganized, and there is no even a page explaining the whole concept of this component, and how it works, so most of it is a guessing...

English language used has lots of styling errors and sometimes it is hard to understand what the author is talking about

- I watched a video tutorial which uses a yellow cursor covering underlying screen which makes it harder to see where the mouse is pointing. This tutorial although pretty informative is very chaotic and doesn't start from the ground up how to use the component. Instead it shows unnecessary topics on how to download the extension from the developer site (waste of time).

Terminology used in this component is also somewhat strange as most people, while working with databases use the concept of: DATABASE, COLUMN (or field), COLUMN TYPE, KEY/INDEX etc. some of the terms in Cobalt have to be guessed a lot.

- developer website is causing problems as well. Forum is hard to operate and I was not even able to post a message. Their system supposed to send a confirmation email, which I have never received...

The bottom line is: I wasted several hours trying this extension, but it was not worth it. Perhaps developer will take all this into consideration and do some improvements

I decided to remove it as it was useless and full of bugs
Owner's reply: Sorry to hear about your experience with Cobalt.

The indication of missing tables points to a broken installation, which can be caused by a lot of reasons (broken installation file, permission problems on the server etc.)

We provide direct assistance through our support desk and even do the installation of our free component if someone experiences problems with it.

I am sure all this problems could have been easily resolved by reporting it to the support desk.
Your comment about the documentation is very valid and as indicated in our document section, after focusing on making the componet stable, documentation is now our priority.

In fact, over the last days we published several quite comprehensive articles for users who want to unleash the full power of Cobalt.

A demo site, which deeper explanation of fields and templates as well as examples are on the way as well.

Since I am the one who produced the criticized video, i have to apologize for my English. Unfortunately my native language is not English, but based on earlier feedback, it was quite well received by other watchers. Since the core Cobalt component is offered for free, we don't have the resources to hire professional speakers.

Your issue with the "yellow cursor" is based on the used screen recording software and is used in millions of tutorials worldwide.

We might consider your recommendation about our tutorial and split it into several steps, starting from downloading up to the actual usage (which is covered now in 1 video).

Since we are using some advanced technologies and a very complex database scheme, we try to simplify things for our users and don't want to confuse them with too technical terms. We follow the Joomla example here and using Section, Categories , Types and Fields. The average user will not need to know anything about SQL or database design. For the advanced user, we provide API access which will simplify the whole process of accessing data.

Something must have been wrong when you tried to post a message on our support desk, because since the start of it, we dont even require a registration to post there.

Sorry again for your experience, but if you experience some bugs, we would appreciate a detailed feedback (error message) to fix the problem and provide a better FREE solution to the Joomla community, as we hope the community will also to appreciate our time and efforts which went into this FREE component.

Thanks for your review.


Posted on 07 July 2012
This module rocks! Simple and does what it supposed to. Thank you for great extension.

no god at all

Posted on 06 July 2012
This extension crashed my site templates !

I do not recommend it.
Owner's reply: I suggest, as others extension authors for your reviews, to post on my support forum to participate constructively in the community extensions
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