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It works just right

Posted on 03 May 2016
It does what it claims it does and it does it well
Ease of use
When I first installed the program I thought "this is too easy". Well I was mistaken. It was that easy
Support is even faster then they claim. I was responded to within two to three hours after submitting a support ticket
They have sufficient documentation but you have to ask them for the manual and it is not 100% clear on some points
Value for money
You get what you may for?? Na, I got more than I first thought and highly recommend this if you need multiple sites to share data.
I used this to: I am using this program to share users across a dozen gaming sites. Now everyone can have a different profile for each game while still maintaining only one account across all sites and only using a single login.


Posted on 27 January 2013
It enabled me to remove the modal scripting in sobipro and replace it with a mootools (eliminating conflicts) one in no time flat, no need to customize files. Works like a charm right out of the box!

In addition to ease of use it looks great..

lose your customers

Posted on 23 December 2010
This component does what it claims however, and this is a biggie, they have placed a play on facebook button on the interface and if your customers click on it you will lose them. if you are not concerned with your site users not revisiting your site to play games then great, however if you are developing advertising and want people to return to your site to play these games, don't use it!

I give it only two stars due to this major concern
Owner's reply: The "Play on Facebook" button is removed.
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