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Almost there...

Posted on 09 February 2010
I wanted to go with this but I couldn't. I needed to change the background color. There is no forum and the developer said you had to pay for a background color change. I was willing to pay and contacted him but I didn't hear anything back. Given my time constraints I could not go with this solution. I achieved a similar functionality with the ninja icons with a couple of hack.

What else can you ask for

Posted on 09 February 2010
A module that works out of the box and that is easy to customize. I needed to add an id to the li. Given the good coding it didn't take me long to add this. All I did was open mod_ninja_simple_icons.php and went to the bottom. right below the if add the following:


if ($icon_titles == 0) {

$id = 'id="'.str_replace(" ", "_", $icon_titles).'"';





and add to the anchor


It can't get any easier thant this!!!!!!

Posted on 04 August 2009
My biggest hang up with community builder is it’s rigid out-dated layout using tables. I know some prefer to uses nested but it makes for a nightmare if you want to do something simple like remove the spacing around the profile image.

I spent countless hours trying to configure it via hacks and CSS and then I just gave up and considered using jomsocial. The s 150 price tag was a bit steep and given that I was going to make an addon their documentation is very sparse and limited. Then I ran into this very handy extension and it was well worth the 20 USD that I paid for it. I did have some problems at first but that was because I didn’t read the tutorial all the way.

To save people time the future you have to hide your tabs by putting them in the not_on_profile_ postion in the tabs manger. If you follow the instructions on the documentation link you can’t lose. I’m not suppried that community builder hasn’t done soothing like this to being with. If you are creating a new site and considering community builder YOU MUST USE THIS EXTENSION!!!! I know community builder has a my community template but this blows it out of the water and you can create many profile type. I haven’t checked that part out yet because I don’t have a need for it. Keep up the good work!!!!

Nice but...

Posted on 10 August 2008
This is a good component to use however i do think it's a little bad that they put ads in the backend. but you can remove the iframe in the backend and the icon in the front if you know basic html. I provide donations to the free extensions i use however i don't like the fact that they try and use ads to generate revenue. I think this is not in the spirit of open source
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