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Not suitable for large databases

Posted on 27 December 2018
Pre-sale I asked Sobipro if the product would be suitable for a database of 200,000 records. The reply I got was "it depends on the server".
Ease of use
After nearly 2 weeks of trying to make it work I've discovered that the indexing method used is not suitable for such a large database..
Support have been very good in helping me to understand how Sobipro works but would have been better if I was first advised of limitations.
Very good once you have done a lot of reading. Again does not readily address issues to do with large numbers of records.
Value for money
I used this to: I tried to use this to create a large directory of racehorses. My concern is that because I was not warned initially that 200,000 records was too much for it to handle, it was only by buying Sobipro and trying to make it work that the limitation became evident.

Just what I wanted

Posted on 11 June 2010
Simple to install and configure. Works really well. Don't know why it isn't a core Joomla plugin.
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