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Unable to purchase they refused to sell

Posted on 14 January 2015
Unfortunately I cannot comment on this because they simply denied me the chance to download it.
They demanded my address and phone number
Ease of use
Having struggled with unwanted calls and identity theft I simply do not disclose such details which are unnecessary when paying via PayPal
After a couple of exchanges of emails about the fact that my personal contact details would not be disclosed they denied me the right to buy
Value for money
I used this to: I wish I could have used it to synchronize a Joomla 3.3.6 site with a phpBB 3.1.2 forum .
It looks like it won't happen.
Owner's reply: Unfortunately, user's payment was suspected as fraud and our payment system (not us) asked this user to provide additional details in order to confirm his identity. We didn't even know anything about this issue because user haven't ever contacted our support center or emailed us directly via contact form on our site.
We always helped our customers with similar issues in the past, so being generous enough to spend a minute and contact us is the best way to overcome such problems.

Not compatible with Jommla 1.7

Posted on 11 February 2012
I have used it in the past on Joonla 1.5 websites and was happy with it. When I tried to install it on a 1.7 site, installation went seemingly fine, however the configuration page for the module is missing the right (module specific) panel. Pity it can't be used with 1.7.


New Version Cmes With Undocumented Key

Posted on 02 February 2012
I may change my rating later when I get to use it. So far I have purchased the iPad application from the Apple Store and installed the component on my Joomla site. The documentation explains how to configure the iPad app, BUT in my version the parameters are completely different. I'm asked to provide a User Access Key Code which seems to be linked not to the (free) Jadmin Mobile component but to the (commercial) Jadmin component.
Owner's reply: @nycxav - I responded to your post on our forums. I believe the iPhone app you are using is the "JAdmin! Mobile" app by CMS Fruit and not the "Joomla Admin Mobile!" app by, which is ours. If you need more help with our application, we will be happy to assist you on our forums. I apologize for the confusion.

Clean Module, Clean Code

Posted on 25 January 2012
I installed BT Content Slider on my website and it works perfectly to display both Joomla! articles and K2 content items. I however also wanted to display my categories in a similar fashion so I started digging into the code to see how I could achieve that. I must say that the code is very clean and easy to understand. It does make appropriate use of the MVC model and Joomla! classes and methods. Great module.

Easy to install. Saves you a lot of time.

Posted on 25 January 2012
I was making modifications on a module and mistyped the name of a method in my code. I came across a reference to J!Dump while browsing the Joomla! documentation and decided to install it. Installation of version 1.2 RC was flawless and after I added a few dump() commands in my code the popup and particularly the ability to view all available methods helped me fix my code in minutes. I can only recommend this extension to all developers.

It's perfect for development. Just don't forget to deactivate it on live sites.

Amazing support and great features

Posted on 30 July 2008
Though I haven't tested everything yet I must say that the scope of that plugin seems very wide and should cover every need. What's more the documentation is excellent, lots of examples, very well detailed and the most amazing part is support: just send a question to Mike and you'll get an answer in very little time and an answer that actually solves your problem. In a nutshell, great plugin and excellent support.
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