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Simple and helpful

Posted on 25 January 2014
Sometimes You Need just a simple list of files to be downloaded on Your Site.. Usually a preview of some Image or PDF files is opened which is not wanted with files of big size.

This is where Simple Download can be used perfectly to start the download dialog directly.

And they offer a quick support!

RS Form Pro for Pros only

Posted on 30 August 2012
To be fair, RS Form Pro seems to be a good form generator for basic forms. Easy to use, when You just need to add diiferent fields to Your form.

You can also customize Your form with scripts, but You have to be a coder, as support only sends similiar examples to Your request and You have to find out Yourself how it works in Your form.

Would be a 4-5 star rating with friendly support; as a "limited coder" I need assistance with a paid component.
Owner's reply: Hello,

Unfortunately, you were requesting us to do what your developer should do. Helping you customize the form is one thing and we can do it, but building complex scripts that require hours of manpower is your duty, not ours.

However, despite the fact that this exceeded the scope of our Support Policy, our customer support staff was more than willing to help you and indeed pointed you to the already published articles that provided examples and step by step instructions. We tried to help you as much as we could, but you didn't even try to implement the scripts we've provided, you wanted us to implement them for you.

We're constantly improving our support based on customer feedback, so thank you for your criticism, even though I don't think we deserved just 3 stars. Everyone can judge our extension and support level based on the other reviews below.
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