Profile: Lee McClelland

Works a treat

Posted on 05 October 2009
Mapping is difficult to set up for me, but that wee problem was resolved by Cristi offering to help from the moment I placed my order.

You get a demo mode of visitors to see how the plugin will work and look on a live site. This is great. And your site comes alive instantly.

I liked the look of all the mapping plugins and now have all three installed on my site.

Cristi customised everything perfectly for me.

Incredible support. And I am thrilled with the results.


Top support

Posted on 05 October 2009
I needed a good looking Map on the front page of my site and also in both the Categories and Details views of my SOBI2 directory.

The support provide in setting this up on my site was fantastic.

Cristi provides all the help you need, if like me you need it when dealing with mapping requirements.

The maps look fantastic and the weather data can be controlled by layer settings.

Great feature on my site.

Excellent and works well.

SOBI2 Mapping Success

Posted on 05 October 2009
I needed a good looking Map on the front page of my site and also in both the Categories and Details views of my SOBI2 directory.

I purchased the Power pack and got a fully personalized interactive maps solution displaying routes, navigation tracks, weather information, visitors locations etc.

Customisable pins, layers looks. Sobi2 integration or run as a sand alone Joomla mapping component/plugin the level of customisation available is huge.

Loved the fact that you can pick if you want Yahoo or Google maps, satellite or terrain views etc. You have so much control over the look. And you can have different content available on different layers of the same map.

As you drill down on my site I have it setup so the maps have different information depending on where you are on the site.

In terms of support, mapping components are testing for me. And this is actually plugins not a component. So I was not able to set it up myself. However, my email receipt of my purchase was followed by a personal email from Cristi offering me free support to set up the maps.

This support was top rate and my site is looking fantastic and works like a charm.

All setup and rocking in about 24hrs.

If you are looking for a well above average solution in mapping, this is it.

Integrates superbly with SOBI2 directory component too.

Regards Lee


Article in a Module

Posted on 03 October 2009
I wanted to place an article on the main page of my site that had an embedded map as this was the only way the mapping plugin could be displayed.

This module allowed me to create a module based on this article and display it on my main page.

Took in total about 3 minutes.

worked "Sweet As" perfect for what I needed it for.

Digihaven Thank You!
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