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Trash - by RSJoomla's usually high standards

Posted on 04 February 2014
First of all I'm writing this in a slightly annoyed state.

I'm usually pretty impressed with RSJoomla - I've used various components for literally years.

I have used RSSeo a couple of years back and as I recall it was simple and it worked.

This time around on a Joomla 3 site and it's so full of bugs it's hideous. Non saving of data and mystery pages appearing out of nowhere.

As an example I tested it on a new install of Joomla with just 2 pages. But it tells me 6 pages use the same meta description.

RS Joomla used to set the standard - but I think the standard has moved over the last 2 to 3 years and maybe they've been stood still.
Owner's reply: It's a shame you didn't ask for our help - I did check our ticketing system for your username and found just three tickets sent in the past year, none of them related to RSSeo!. We would have loved to help (that's the whole purpose of our customer support team), but you never mentioned any issues.
The "bugs" you are talking about are not bugs in RSSeo! coding, but inconsistencies caused by several factors of your Joomla! installation (other extensions changing metadata, redirecting to other pages) or your hosting server (wrong headers, security filters preventing connection to the server etc). These things cannot be determined unless somebody manually debugs your installation.

Anyway, thank you for your compliments, but I can assure you that no extension is neglected nor are we standing still - we've constantly released updates, new extensions and even templates!.

Doesn't Work For Me

Posted on 29 January 2014
This module is designed to implement one of the more recognisable Cookie Control options. This is why I chose it.

Unfortunately it just doesn't work on my site. When published in the wrong template position a message appears indicating the correct position. When published in that position it simply doesn't appear.

Looking at the help forum there are lots of comments from Joomla users having issues with getting it to work. Many of the posts have gone unanswered.

Verdict: a well meaning attempt to provide a Joomla implementation of the CIVIC cookie control. but one that is neither robust nor supported. I gave it an average rating because it seems it does work for some people and I do like the styling etc.

Great Slider With Superb Flexibility

Posted on 14 January 2014
When I found this extension I was actually surprised if I'm honest - I didn't know sliders had come this far. But I guess that's because not all of them have yet.

On the plus side this is a great component:

- the potential for creating eye catching slides is unmatched

- the installation is simple and although the slider has a lot of configuration options it's easy to get started

- the css is readily available in component for editing

- there are lots of ready made styles to get you going

- the support is excellent the guys I have contacted have answered queries within a matter of hours even at the weekend (hats off for that)

- it's reasonably priced for what it does

Basically with a little imagination a component like this can really enhance a site.

The downside (but bear in mind the support is excellent):

- there are really quite a few parameters to fathom out and no extensive instructions documenting what each one does

- the support forum, although publicly accessible, is not optimised for searching. It could definitely be better (and would help overcome teething issues)

On balance though this is a really great component and I say that having been a Joomla user since it was Mambo - and not one that is easily impressed. But I am impressed.

Wouldn't Use On A Commercial Site

Posted on 17 April 2013
Over the years of using Joomla my expactations have steadily risen in line with the quality extensions that are released. This is true of both paid and free extensions. We are light years away from the early days of mambo when I had to find people on the net to create custom mambots for simple functionality. So today my expectations are fairly high.

Joomdle doesn't meet them. There are lots of plugins included with the extension to create menus and modules and i can rely on my nice commercial template to make those look good. Great. But what I really want is a way of making moodle content look nice.

Now this is clearly a tall order because, quite frankly, moodle is pig ugly at the best of times. So I've spent a couple of days playing with Joomdle but as I'm not interested in the plugins and the modules I just want to host moodle content and make it look good what I really need is a something more than just a wrapper - which is essentially what Joomdle offers for content display.

So if you can work out how to strip out the moodle blocks from the course view and adjust your template to suit the wrapper then all is good. You've got moodle content in a wrapper. So where does Joomdle come in? Well that's the wrapper. But couldn't you create your own wrapper? Well yes I suppose so... so isn't Joomdle a bit unnecessary? Well quite possibly yes....

Actually I found hosting the course files (adobe captivate) directly in Joomla and using a php script to store results on the server seems to give me the results I need. And I have more control over the look and feel of the material - without the hangups in connection to moodle etc.

If I hadn't read one of the designers saying "we don't really "do" templates..." I may have persevered. But really for me - and surely lots of other users - it's the looks we want Joomdle for not just the wrapper and the modules.

I think the core issue is that Moodle seems to be at a level that academics would accept - scruffy, slightly unreliable and disorganised. But I think a commercial project could probably integrate the two better than Joomdle does. In fact I think a good commercial project could probably swallow moodle whole.

Excellent Scaleable Extension

Posted on 21 January 2013
I've looked at / tested the available extensions on the JED for handling recruitment advertising and this is the cream of the crop.

I currently use the free JobList component as it suffices but I'm considering the full version for a more comprehensive featured site.

I use it for posting vacancies for the recruitment side of my business. Many years ago I paid a developer around $150 to create a very simple component to allow me to do this, so to have a free component that does more is excellent.

It's also refreshng to see an active support forum as I nkow if I invest my time and effort into populating and using the component it will be updated as required as and when Joomla evolves.

Verdict: Top work.

Unreliable demo

Posted on 17 January 2013
Someone has over-stretched themselves with this component. Unfortunately the demo version is buggy and ha the hall marks of a component that will let you down once you've spent ages populating it.

Even though there is a free version I wont waste time on it as the demo doesn't work correctly. This is a shame because at some point someone has clearly invested some time developing this.

The nature of the component is such that it is for use by businesses - who cannot afford to be let down by unreliable components. Better to focus on a paid version and invest the time in maintaining it.

Verdict: a potential derailer, avoid.

Zoolanders are expensive upsells.

Posted on 01 July 2012
The ZOO component is currently free, although there are numerous apps available that can be purchased as a seperate package.

The zoolander plugins and components are expensive addons and / or bridges between zoo and other third party components. For this particular product the 6 month support fee, over the course of a year, will cost more than the subscription to acymailing and zoo (which is free).

From my POV the zoolander pricing policy makes their extensions a no go. If the support subscription was for a year then maybe on one or two. But these prices just seem well above average for what are often fairly trivial enhancements to comprehensive products.

I understand that we all have a right to set our own prices, but I'd genuinely hate to see this type of pricing become standard practice off the back of an OS product.
Owner's reply: Hi, i'm sorry that you feel that our prices are too high.

We always strive for lowering them as much as possible, since we want to reach the broadest audience and let as many people as possible use them.

We need to balance our expenses though, and 39€ for making sure that we answer support tickets in a timely manner (we are proud to say that we answer within 12 hours to the ticket, and our customers are always VERY happy with our support, like the customer who left the previous review), and to do that, we need to have a professional staff that deals with it.

Moreover, if you use our products in a no-profit website, we offer our products for free, so people that have no gaining from their websites do not have to spend money to buy our extensions.

If you use our extension to built either a company website or a website for a client, we feel the the prices we put there are the right one to allow us to support you during the development of the site in the fastest and best way we can manage.

Hope to have explained our POV on the price policy

Best Regards

Very Useful

Posted on 18 January 2012
This is an excellent example of a very professional extension. It's available as a free version with numerous paid for enhancements.

I'm currently using the free version to enable me to collaborate on projects more effectively with an associate. We'd been emailing one another and it was getting out of hand. This extension solves that issue.

The two things I'd look for in an update are:

1. greater functionality around date filtering - extending the utility of the tool into task / time management.

2. A printable reporting system for the various viewable formats.

But as it stands, for free, it's already an exceptional extension so it gets full marks from me.


Beautiful products hideous support

Posted on 16 August 2011
I moved over to the Yoo themes products because of poor experiences with another provider. The ZOO framework was enticing because it promises the potential for advanced customisation. In fact today I sat with a professional design company I frequently work with and gave them a good account of why they could make tremendous use of the Yoo theme products, spend less time re-inventing wheels and more time applying creativity to bespoke graphic designs. And I meant every word of it.

For me though - as an interested but non pro developer, the total lack of anything approaching adequate support makes a huge dent in the value of the yootheme products. These products are fairly complex and clearly well thought out and designed. But that makes them impossible to customise without at least some support.

Frustrating Lack of Instructions

Posted on 15 May 2011
This extension looks quite handy. It promises to sort a standard HTML table, yet the module has no place to enter the data for an HTML table and, as a module with no plugin, there are no tags to insert in an article.

So, having waded through numerous forum posts for the last 40 mins it is a little frustrating to be confronted with - "contact us by email with access to the back end of your website" every time someone has a problem, the answer to which may be worth knowing.

How about helping people to help themselves. What is the point in providing a free extension then making it next to impossible to use ?

Owner's reply: Lite Edition allows to get data from database and show as sortable HTML table.

Full version can read database, CSV files, HTML tables and convert them to sortable tables.
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