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a must have

Posted on 02 January 2014
i own an hand craft products e-commerce, sell once a week and got over 100 customers per week trying to get one of my unique items THIS is the extension i longed for! no more duplicated purchases, no more errors! easy and complete configuration, does exactly what it says, and works perfectly. an awesome must have!


Posted on 20 February 2012
if i could give you 10 stars i would! the best commenting system ever! great job now 1.7/2.5 compatible! wonderful!!

great one!

Posted on 11 July 2010
i've been waiting so long for something like this for free!! great module, and great support! :) thank you guy keep on!


Posted on 04 January 2010
the best mailing extension ever! great component works like a charm highly customizable templating sistem and ...hei!! what a support!! even for freeware customer the best support ever had!!

AEC integrating

Posted on 26 July 2007
i've been using this wonderful plugin for long time, till i started with would be great for a community like mine to integrate with AEC this plugin's functionality..maybe someone knows how to do... thanks a lot!!
Owner's reply: Sorry, have no experience with AEC ... waiting for Beat's subscription plugin to be released (ETA: end of 2007)

what a shame!!

Posted on 20 July 2007
i've been looking so long for a plugin like this but i can't get it to work properly on my web site.. and i can't understand why! i insert more than two rows of content in code {xtypo_whatever}my content{/xtypo_whatever} and it shows me a completely blank page... :(
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