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Posted on 14 February 2013
Brilliant. This even contains the awesome jQuery swipe function on mobile devices, just as it should do for a new skool slider. I cannot recommend this enough. Thank you guys!

Worth every penny

Posted on 25 June 2012
This product was the ONLY thing we could use to achieve our desired registration method. We needed to determine which type of user was registering and give multiple options based on this (end user, doctor, clinic etc). Each one needed a different form, for obvious reasons. CB Profile Pro executed this perfectly, and the Joomduck team were with us every step of the way.

>1 year later and we switched the site to forced SSL. I hit a small problem with reCaptcha (no doubt down to Google buying them out and moving the goalposts), but once again the Joomduck admins were on the case in the forum with a very clear and concise solution - within 24hrs!

I thought I was going to be on my own seeking support for something I bought over a year ago. Not the case I'm astounded to say, hence my writing this. Top notch product, works brilliantly, and simply outstanding support. Better than I could have wished for.

Thanks guys! 11/10

Look no further!! Amazing work.

Posted on 07 June 2012
Wow. This addresses EVERYTHING you're looking for and them some. Previously I've tried many attempts to control jQuery and Mootools, almost settled on SC jQuery until it killed the Mootools menus in the admin area making it useless. It could have been great. Maybe it is by now, but I'm done looking.

I'd been having a problem where a component [which as I love it remains nameless] was loading jQuery from Google's CDN over http, breaking the SSL site I was using it for. NOTE TO DEVS: GIVE US THE OPTION TO CONTROL YOUR JQUERY IMPLEMENTATIONS! Basic stuff, no?

jQuery Easy to the rescue! The second I loaded it to my site, it fixed a Mootools conflict by loading it the correct way round, and BANG, my site was loading fully over SSL again. And no need to touch the admin area's settings too.

Oh and it even honoured the force SSL setting I'd added to Global Config by ALREADY CHECKING HTTPS!

Wow. Simplify Your Web indeed. Great, great work guys. I salute you.

(PS Compared to installation and setup of jQuery Easy, this review took about 100x longer!)
Owner's reply: Thank you for this very constructive review. The plugin is in constant evolution and more options are on the way for advanced users as requests pour in.
Could you contact me through the website and clarify your request about controlling the jQuery implementations? (do you mean you want to be able to get jQuery from other channels than Google's CDN?)


Posted on 01 February 2012
Works brilliantly every time. Not even that hard to teach someone, and looks great. It appears martinjbull cannot differentiate rating a component from rating his own skill (CHOWN is all you need sir!), please disregard his unfair rating, it works great!

Thanks alexred, brilliant work that should be 100% 5 stars IMHO!

Another Joomla saviour from Freakedout

Posted on 31 January 2012
I needed a 'no hassle' newsletter signup that integrates with the core Joomla registration...this just stands head and shoulders above the competition. It marries the best bulk mailer to the best CMS, which makes it super powerful for me, and takes things to the next level.

Great work from Pete and the FreakedOut team as per usual. Top notch!

Simply brilliant.

Posted on 24 November 2011
I installed this after trying many different options to make myself a microblogging type platform for the frontpage.

Not a single component I tried allowed comments to appear expanded on the front page by default - including this one.

I posted this on the Flexi forum and within a few hours the dev came back to me with a detailed and VERY SIMPLE hack to achieve my goal. I tried it, and hey presto, perfect!

I cannot believe how clearly this is coded, and how attentive the developer is to his customers. Wow!

If I could give 6 stars, I would. Highly recommended. And thank you so much to the dev, who continues to excel himself every time! Simply brilliant.

Works great, but high maintenance

Posted on 24 November 2011
This extension appears perfect for the job - very well put together, its quick, looks/functions great.

However, every site I install it on gets targeted by spammers within days. They don't reach the front end of the site as its set to require approval - but I've been suffering at least one spam an hour from every site its installed on, despite having ReCaptcha up and running.

This is seriously frustrating. I've had 2 complaints from clients, who, like me, don't have time to battle this imminent spam torrent. Simply put myself and clients have extra work to do now moderating spam every few hours. This is simply not acceptable.

If the spam issue was addressed (!out of the box!) I would give it 5 stars. As it curently stands, I'm not exactly queuing up to use it on my next site...

1 in 7 posts on Phoca's Guestbook forum are about spam. 665 posts. Of my last 7 emails received to my main inbox, 4 are spam from Phoca guestbook - from just ONE site.

Phoca should really nail this problem. Its hurting their otherwise perfect software.
Owner's reply: Hi, every new version of Phoca Guestbook gets some new feature of specific spam protection. I am using different products (forums, comments, etc. by external application) and everyday I fight spam - all website inputs made by different application get spammed, see:

I am using phpBB and it is great software, I have installed over 8 different spam protection methods there and get about 10 spams per days there and over hundreds attempts to spam it. phpBB is great software and I will never review it bad because of some stupid spammers (who of course are allways ready to cross every spam protection - as mostly spam is done by human spammers)

So yes, every new version gets new spam protection methods but ... just read the article mentioned above :-(


Brilliant & helpful too

Posted on 24 March 2011
I installed NS when I had no sendmail available under IIS. I was able to get it running in an iframe within an HTML holding page, customised exactly to my needs, and writing subscriptions to a text file - all within minutes.

First I thought it wasn't sending mail but I was wrong! It was working perfectly - my client checked the wrong mailbox! It picks up Joomla's setting and even works with SMTP.

I contacted Christopher to assist on this, and he was back to me in a few hours to check it was all ok, which of course it was. His communication is excellent, as is his coding, I cannot fault him. I will be checking his other paid products in future, I recommend you do too!

Highly recommended if you want to save yourself a headache. Thanks Christopher!

Works great, even on iPhone, Support fantastic

Posted on 04 October 2010
I've been looking for a chat solution for some time now that (1) looks good, (2) runs fast, (3) will please users, and (4) doesn't require Flash, so can be used on a smartphone.

Blastchat is a great component/module/plugin pack, once you're set up its very easy to work out and runs itself. I had a small 'bug', which I went to the forum to fix, the admin/developer saw my post within 20 mins, asked me for a URL, and come joined me on my site!

He diagnosed my version was out of date in seconds, and hung around whilst I updated it. This fixed the problem instantly, and my users DIDN'T EVEN LOSE THE CONNECTION whilst it updated!! Just a refresh, away we go.

I cannot thank him enough, and cannot recommend it enough.

One thing I'd LOVE to see - an IRC connector so we could self host! That would ROCK. Oh and an iPhone skin!

Give it a try, you won't regret it.
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