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Posted on 24 November 2011
I actually rate this 4.5/5.0 stars.

I installed this component onto a Basketball Club's website and I was surprised at how easily it installed and integrated into my template. Usually I have to tweak a few CSS codes or HTML codes to get it to integrate properly but Ohanah worked right away -- Plugin and play so to speak.

Admin side: I am very happy with the GUI on the back-end. It seems to be well layed out and pretty self explanatory. I easily added a venue and event within minutes. I especially liked the feature where the venue was automatically added from the Add Event page when I typed in the details.

Front-end: I find this component superior to anything else available. I looked at a bunch of other components and they all seemed to be lacking something with design. Either the calendar view didn't look nice, or there wasn't a nice list view. I find Ohanah to be great with this.

Pros: There are some great things about this component. I've only installed the actual component as I had no need for front-end submission or MailChimp integration. However, the biggest pro that I find is that it is just so easy and simple to install and use right off the hop!

Cons: I find it missing a couple of features that I would like to see:

1. Registration for non-logged in users. This would be nice to have in the next version. At least the option of allowing non-logged in users to register for events.

2. I would like to see an Admin configuration option in the back end that allows you to display or hide the list of attendees. It would be nice when you click on the event and the details pop up that the list of attendees was there on the right (if the admin selected to show that).

3. At the very least I would like to be able to manage the list of attendees. For example I would like to be able to manually add and remove attendees manually from the admin side.

Overall I think that this component is FANTASTIC! It would be just a bit better if these features were enabled.

I like the idea of having payment integration too.
Owner's reply: Thanks Jim for your nice review!
we agree with you about the cons and the missing aspects and the ones you outline are 100% covered on the upcoming v2 ;-)

Great extension!

Posted on 26 July 2011
I find this extension fantastic to use. I have played around with multiple shopping carts but have nevered tried offering digital media for sale before. I have installed Virtumart on a few occasions and was dreading the MAJOR install for such a small thing (offering a few digital products).

I also like the integration with Paypal. I wasn't able to get the sandbox testing working but that was an issue with Paypal and not Mediashop. The paypal setup was quick and painless for the live account.

It's not to say that this is a perfect, unpack from the box and put it in Joomla, but if you are willing to explore a little and read the excellent documentation then you should be very satisfied.

I would recommend this extension to anyone that is looking for an easy solution for selling digital media that offers some controls like limited downloads for a limited time.

The only reason that I did not give it a full 5 Star rating is because I would like to not have to log into an FTP to upload the files. I know that there are extensions available for Joomla but it would make it much easier if you could do that from within the component.

Good job, keep up the good work!

Don't waste your money!

Posted on 11 June 2010
Seriously... This module is a waste of money. The marketing hype on this module is fantastic but it stops there. There is absolutely NO documentation. The so-called documentation page on their site just reiterates the tooltips that you will find in the back end and all they do is re-word the field name (ie. Title => Type your title here. --> OR nd get the job done in half the time.

In order to get this module you have to pay $20, which I have no problem doing. But... When a company only gives you access to their forums (posting) after you buy, you expect support. But the support is aweful too.

Save your money and find another module.
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