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Mastering Akeeba Admin Tools

Posted on 30 April 2018
Beautiful interface, works as advertised.
Ease of use
Professional grade in every way.
Documentation maybe the best anywhere - and, you're stronger and more knowledgeable if you take time for it.
Value for money
Very affordable, and I'm so happy I went pro, one subscription and apply it on all my websites.
I used this to: Multiple Joomla websites.

Easy, easy, easy

Posted on 21 January 2014
Love this form maker. I hit a small snag due to my template, they were on it. Five stars for support. Five stars for the application itself. Nice people.

Great Choice For Busy Golf Course Website

Posted on 26 March 2013
This is not my first run with RSEvents. This time I'm employing RSEvents Pro for a busy Joomla 2.5 website with lots going on, and I'm very pleased.

There has been a considerable amount of work put into this extension, and it shows. I've given it top marks because I honest believe the developers have earned it.

What I did right this time was - read the documentation. The system works, when it doesn't, read the documentation a second time.

Perfect For What I Wanted

Posted on 11 March 2013
I'm impressed, did exactly what I needed it to do. Nothing fancy, but it will provide a sitemap that you can publish under a menu item providing quick links to content, menu items, and I guess categories (I didn't activate this plug-in). By disabling the appropriate plug-in you can limit what gets displayed. Good work, and thank you.

This Time I Had It

Posted on 03 September 2010
Last time I had a site hacked I found my backup sadly lacking. This time, thankfully, I had Akeeba Backup installed. Choose Akeeba and be back on the web in minutes.

Works Fine

Posted on 12 August 2009
Just as described, quick and easily installed, ideal for quick email contact form to site administrator. Big benefit - security question in form of math question. Just the module I was looking for. Thanks.

Better Than Expected

Posted on 05 October 2008
I've read the reviews on this page and agree with those who have rated this utility as excellent. I didn't see anyone mention the flexibility of being able to use it in varying size as in a left side module, etc. Very impressive. Works great for me just as it came out of the box. I should say that after reading the reviews I purchased it right from the get go and avoided all the limitation of the free version. I think it is a small price to pay for a utility that works as well as this does.

Frustration Gone

Posted on 18 September 2008
Editing documents was not a happy experience until I discovered FCK. What impresses me about these guys is how on top of things they are. Take the leap and enjoy the benefits. If you like what you see send them a little support. Dead easy to install works as advertised. Support is there if you need it.
Owner's reply: Hi caminkingston, thanks for your encouraging words and for speaking on behalf of us.
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